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Thai Beverage and Thai Beverage Logistics' Projects run on TCCT's IT Infrastructure Won TMA Award 2016

May 24, 2016, Bangkok, Thailand – Among over 20 well-known organizations in Thailand, Thai Beverage PCL. (ThaiBev) and Thai Beverage Logistics PCL. (TBL)  successfully implemented two projects using IT tools to boost up organizational performance and were consequently granted the award, “Core Process Improvement Projects" 2016 by Thailand Management Association (TMA).
As region's leading logistics company, ThaiBev has been a good role model pioneering in tailoring and developing applications with integration to the existing SAP application. The applications on ThaiBev's two projects are run on TCCT's secure, reliable, and world-class performance data centers. Two award-winning projects are:
1. Excellence Award: Returnable Management (RM) by Thai Beverage Logistic PCL. (TBL)
By implementing reusable transport packaging (e.g. pallets, glass bottles, and plastic crates) into its supply chains, TBL is gaining financial and environmental benefits.  One of the most important issues a company must address is to know where all the packaging is within its supply chains at any given time.  The Returnable Management (RM) system was extension of cross-server interface between ThaiBev and BJC SAP system hosted at TCCT.  The solution was extended to many-to-many parties and non-SAP system.
The RM system improves visibility to the returnable asset’s movement and inventory level enabling TBL to increase asset utilization, reduce & prevent asset loss as well as reduce capital deployment & rental cost of returnable asset.
2. Consolation Prize: Shared Service Center by Thai Beverage PCL.  
In order to deal with difficulty to find qualified candidate for sale support and to prepare for migrate from existing 90+ distributed application servers to a single SAP hosting solution at TCCT, ThaiBev took this opportunities to re-engineer operation process. With the shared service center concepts, ThaiBev standardized processes and developed IT solutions that enable centralization of order management from 90+ to 22 processing centers and accounting processing center from 90+ to 8 centers.  The reduction of working location lower makes the user training and IT support more manageable for SAP roll-out.  In addition to lower the risk of SAP implementation, the shared service center concepts also reduce office fixed costs (e.g. rental, security, cleaning) and increase utilization of the existing human resources.
     The award-winning projects can operate and function on the basis of consistency, security, and quality with 24/7 operational support from TCC Technology's infrastructure. The projects by ThaiBev and TBL will act as good practice and role model for enterprises in Thailand and region to apply for a better organizational value and performance.