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The Backstory of “We Will Rise” MV revealed by Special Olympics Thailand Chairman, Atom and Ada

Dr. Naris Chaiyasoot, Chairman of Special Olympics Thailand disclosed that the latest MV, We Will Rise, was made as a New Year gift to welcome 2022 for the people of Thailand and the world. “Although currently there are improvements in the management of the Covid19 pandemic but many countries across the globe are still facing major infection outbreaks and restrictions in their daily lives,” said Dr. Naris. “Nevertheless, we must not despair. I believe that there will be positive gains once the crisis is over. Let us look ahead and move forward together.”

The melody and lyrics of the song, We Will Rise, was composed by Benjamin Jung Tuffnell, ex-singer of the Silly Fools band, who worked creatively together with Thailand’s leading musical producer, Pae Pitru Polchana. The MV is produced and directed by Worrawis La-orpak and the Superspace team, under the support of TNN Corporation.
Furthermore, the MV was honored by the guest appearance of the Band of Brothers,  a group of master musicians who have been making wonderful music together for the past 25 years, including veterans Sompan  Charumilinda, Ukrist Balankura, Somchai Krishnasreni, Koranase Wasinondh and Chanya Manakulsawasd and The MV is promoted in the media with the support of True Visions and GMM Grammy.
In a recent development more than a fortnight after the MV was filmed, both singers, Atom Chanagun and Ada Chunhavajira, individually tested positive for Covid19 after the New year break. Ada, who is now back home after hospitalization, expressed her admiration for all the medical personnel to whom she became close during her recovery. “While they were saving lives, doctors and nurses also had to protect their own family by staying away from their loved ones,” Ada pointed out.
“This infection demonstrates how vulnerable humans are to diseases,” asserted Atom. “Although I have tried my best to take care and protect myself, I still caught Covid19.” Atom sends his encouragement to everyone who is affected by the infection and hopes that they will overcome these hardships. Unless it is absolutely necessary, he suggested that people should stay home. As for the MV We Will Rise, Atom acknowledged that the song is most relevant to the current circumstances. “Everyone all over the world should have the chance to watch the MV, not just the people of Thailand,” he concluded.
Teaser 2 of MV We Will Rise https://youtu.be/v4VuuOTMtUQ
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