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Thai Nakorn Paint and Chemical Co., Ltd invests over 400 Million Baht to launch a new factory to maintain its presence in the market and to expand into the CLMV Market.

Thai Nakorn Paint and Chemical Co., Ltd. is committing over 400 million Baht to create a new factory covering ​​over 27 rai at the Plaeng Yao district to strengthen its business base and maintain the domestic CLMV market growth, as well as increasing its share potential in the international market. The factory is capable of producing OEM products for other brands as well collaborating with Thai companies looking to outsource the manufacturing of their products. The young, pioneering CEO with a strongly customer-centric mindset is set to expand the company to increase the domestic market share by 30% within 2 years and promote all products under the LEZZON and PETER brands to occupy the top 3 places in the CLMV countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam) and South-East Asian region (SEA). 

Mr. Phoomphat Taksakulvith, the Thai Nakorn Paint and Chemical Co., Ltd. Managing Director, announced that Thai Nakorn Paint and Chemical Co. is one of the country's leading paint manufacturers that has gained the highest recognition from its clients over the past decade through steady growth. With products that cater to every aspect of the automotive paint industry demands, the company has the capability to compete in the world’s markets. It has successfully developed respected, high-quality products for LEZZON and PETER, are available to all domestic clients through an extensive range of distributors.

“The market growth opportunity within the CLMV countries and the competition from the international market, especially from China spurred the company to invest over 400 million Baht to build a new factory and move its production base from Min Buri to the Plaeng Yao district covering an area of over 27 rai. Therefore, the company needs to increase its production capabilities and improve the facilities to comply with the environmental control regulations and reducing trade barriers that might be imposed by Thai government in the future. The aim is to be an OEM production base for other Thai brands which can outsource to increase their production capability. Currently, the new factory is capable of delivering the following product quantities: Paint Thinner: 4,920 tons/month, Primers: 750 tons/month, Paint/Lacquer: 300 tons/month and Resin products: 300 tons/month.  

Mr. Taksakulvith went on to describe the company’s product group.  "At the moment, the products  are categorized into 2 primary groups and 4 sub-groups. The 2 primary groups consist of Paint, and Chemicals related to paints (at a ratio of 50:50.) The 4 sub-groups are: Vehicle Paints and Chemicals related to vehicle paint (30%), General Purpose Spray Paint (30%), Thinner (30%), and Premium Grade Thinner, to be used mainly in specialized products. With the new Thinner manufacturing plant, the manufacturing processes will be designed and verified in accordance with the vehicle paint manufacturing standards, which is the same standard as in Thailand’s leading oil refinery. For the production of this product category, batches can be produced within just 30 minutes and up to 1.5 million liters  can be stored at a time. In the near future, we are planning to add another 2 sub-group:  Synthetics to be  utilized in our products and specialized building paints with specific qualities. These differ from other paints in the market and will add value to the consumers.” 

In terms of the management plan, the company has established an operating mission under the customer-centric mindset model to drive business development, focusing on anticipating customer’s demands and problems to quickly develop solutions and resolve their problems promptly. Furthermore, our priority is to migrate our operation process to the digital system (digitalization) by integrating and sharing customers’ order information with every department within the company to maximize efficiency, and to provide services to customers faster than ever. With this model in place, we aim to increase our domestic market share by 30% within 2 years.

    Our Research and Development Department (R&D) will develop new S-Curve products by focusing on construction paint groups. This will require the implementation of nanotechnology, which the company has been co-researching with the leading university in Thailand. Additionally, the synthetic resins that are produced from recycled plastic bottles. At the moment, the development of the product has been completed and it is ready for production but government standardization tests and approval must be concluded first. Both of these technologies are supported by the Board of Investment in the Nanotechnology industry, meaning our company is the first in Thailand to receive such support (focused on the research and development of the new S-Curve products). In the future, the company plans to promote its products under the LEZZON and PETER brands to take the top 3 positions among the CLMV countries and expand to the South-East Asian region (SEA) within 3 to 5 years.