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Narisa Cafe' Indulge in the joy of the atmosphere at Narisa style Cafe & Creative Space

     Nong Fah, or Narisa Chaiyasoot, is proud to present and intends to deliver the joy of Narisa Cafe. This is a cozy, relaxing cafe on the ground floor of an old house in the heart of the city, recreating her father's old house, Dr. Naris Chaiyasoot, into a warm atmosphere cafe suitable for relaxation amid the delightful interior decoration of the new owner's nature and artwork. 
     Narisa Cafe & Creative Space is an old house from her grandparents' generation that was built in 2501 (1958) at Youngok. The classic enticing scent is vintage and allows everyone who visits to be able to experience the joy, warmth, and beauty inside and outside, which is a green garden. Nong  Fah has made some additional modifications, but it still retains the original design of this house, and its furniture, which has not been modified, and which is mostly woodwork. The decoration is also a Narisa style, focusing on flower patterns, various small details, and harmonious tone colors.
As for the cafe's opening, it's been a dream since she was a kid. Nong Fah used to go to a coffee shop, which looks relaxed with the delicate aroma of coffee; it is a time when we can escape the chaos from the outside and indulge in happiness from our favorite menu. Nong Fah's dream becomes a reality when it takes up the space of her grandmother's house, which has been abandoned for more than 20 years, and now comes back to life.
     A new look in the same house in the form of a coffee shop. And in her own real name, Narisa Cafe & Creative Space. In the Creative Space definition, Khun Fah intends to make the space in the store a place for a variety of events such as conference spaces or a space where events, weddings, art exhibitions in the garden can be held, as well as handmade merchandise markets and workshops can be held.
     Since Nong Fah finished school at Silapakorn University, pictures displayed in various corners of the house are works she painted herself.  So no matter what angle you look at, you can feel the 'Narisa' that you want everyone to be able to feel in the joy of visiting this house.
     In the menu section, there are a lot of choices. The main favorites, such as Espresso con panna (Signature) in the European coffee mugs, which are hard to find in Thailand, and are pure espresso shots that don't mix at all, served with fresh cream home-cooked shots, highlighting their unique tongue-taste, especially the vanilla scent that is sprinkled on the shot of cream, is so unique. Don't tell anyone!. There's also the crispy texture of freshly baked almonds sprinkled on top. When you drink everything together, it becomes an incredibly immersive coffee menu choice.
     Currently, the store also has a variety of coffee beans available (special blend), which is another option for customers who enjoy coffee to choose the beans in their preferred way, as well as the easy-to-drink cold brew menu; the taste is not very strong and can be purchased for take-away for back home enjoyment.
     As for the other drinks menu, the best-selling Cotton candy sky (Recommended) is a color-inspired menu option that conveys imagination into a beautiful color of the sky with a combination of orange, red, and purple-blue as a class-separated drink with three colors. While the lower part of the glass is pink-red from berry syrup, the middle part is milk and blue fromage is used for top decoration; when drinking, it takes people (customers) to form a combination of all three colors, it is a particularly beautiful pattern, and it also tastes unique. It's sweet-and-sour and refreshing to drink; you can take beautiful pictures, and you can't help but keep good memories and smiles.
     The part that many people have to search for and find is the deliciousness of this restaurant's social world is the homemade bakery. Before opening, they have been offering bakery products online for more than a year until they have their favorite and regular customers. (Follow up on the Internet, baked.bake.bkk). Most importantly, Nong Fah chose her own raw materials. All kinds of goodies, let's start to taste the best-selling products: the meringue tart lemon comes from egg whites beaten with sugar, and the base is a crispy dough in the middle that uses real fresh lemon juice then beautifully decorated on top with meringue. It is also touched with a flame so that the edges of the meringue are burnt. It smells even better when you taste the crispness of the edges of the dough, the sweetness of the meringue, and the taste of the lemons, calling for freshness and appeals to anyone, especially Thai customers. Blueberry cheesepie is another top seller. The highlight of this menu item is that the cream cheese is light, soft, and not very sweet; the base is made of crispy crackers sprinkled with mulberry sauce with a round, sour-sweet taste of real blueberries. It's considered a delicious menu item and cheesy. Toffee cake macadamia will be an exotic choice, mangoes with macadamia beans chosen to be sprinkled on top. It was also the best-selling menu item in the online world before, and the cake base will have the taste of cocoa mixed coffee, diced together with macadamia beans and toffee sauce. The cake tastes strong and delightful
     Bob Wilson, a well-known American who has been in Thailand for more than 27 years, has been a regular visitor to Narisa Cafe since it opened. He noted its development in both location and food,  the place is unlike regular coffee shops because it has activities for regular customers. Bob recently came to the evening photo session and was very impressed. Bob hopes to find more interesting activities for customers to participate in the future.
     Narisa Cafe & Creative Space House No. 5 Soapaholyothin 17 Bangkok For inquiries or reservation of seats call 086 533 3739.
Soft Opening Interval Time
Saturday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Mondays and Fridays, Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.
(Closed Tuesday-Thursday)
     Traveling has about (8-10 cars) in front of the store, or you can park at Central Ladprao/ Lotus Ladprao, walk into Phaholyothin 17 S.P.C., public transportation, BTS, no Ladprao intersection, Exit 3.
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