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ThaidateVIP offers Thailand’s safest and most easy-to-use dating site with a true sense of community and joy at its heart

ThaidateVIP offers Thailand’s safest and most easy-to-use dating site with a true sense of community and joy at its heart

Anonymous Mode puts users in control of their profile information, plus users earn cash for sign-up or recommending to friends (enjoy 1000 THB with every referral)

Bangkok, 20th May, 2024 – With a promise to create a “joyful, safe and easy-to-use dating environment and liberated social space” for anyone seeking to meet international dates, ThaidateVIP is an elegant, fun advanced dating platform which connects Thai residents to foreigners inside and outside of Thailand. A creation by dating app and website operator, Rencontre Internationale, ThaidateVIP seeks to serve users as ‘the platform of choice’ for anyone looking for exciting new dating experiences in a protected, safe and well-moderated space; a digital community where users are in-control of their data, pictures, profile, stories and dating encounters. 

Powerful enough to deliver true connection - yet cosy and social-oriented enough to conjure a real feeling of an engaged community - ThaidateVIP stands out from other dating websites by providing users a large range of benefits, incentives, gamification elements, honesty of community, and some great cash bonuses for signups and friend recommendations.

ThaidateVIP introduces a wealth of safety-protective easy-to-use features which contribute to making this site experience the most convivial, helpful and “Sanook” option, catering to Thai residents and international foreigners keen to meet each other and connect. The creator behind the platform, Rencontre Internationale © founded its first dating website in 2007, and its portfolio encompasses sites serving over 250,000 members. 

Standout features include:

Human Moderators - To ensure the platform is a place of respect, an environment which pledges to ‘eradicate ill intention’, harsh language or disrespectful messaging draws attention of moderators, who examine each case of ill intention and blacklist/caution users.

Deck Shuffle for fun card turnover, and Most Popular feature – Let the flipbook fun commence! You decide whether the profile next up is a “hottie or a nottie” … and enter your own profile in the deck, if inclined. You can cancel your entry in the deck at any time, or even share your results if you’re attracting great plaudits.

Affiliate Program : Earn money with ThaidateVIP

Recommend the site to your friends, and the more users you bring to our sites, the more money you make; recommending to friends will get you 30 euros (on paid signup) with every referral. Create a free profile today on this Thai dating website! 

Send a Free Crush to People you Fancy – A fun flirty way to connect to another user in the first instance is to use a Crush, and unlike other platforms, there is no limit on their use. So, pay no extra to capture the unlimited attention of people you like.

Romantic opportunity blooms, country borders no boundary: only site with Private Album

The quest for love is a personal journey filled with emotions, desires and mystery. To accompany users, Rencontre Internationale© presents the innovative feature it’s most proud of; the "Private Album." Here's why this feature completely transforms the online dating experience: 


1. Personalization & Privacy 

● Unlimited creation: Create as many private albums as you like, and present different aspects of yourself. 

● Selective choice: Your privacy is paramount. You can decide to open access to your albums to specific people.

● Preserve your anonymity: keep your identity discreet, remaining active and attractive on the platform. 

2. Member ratings 

● Star system: Members rate others using a star system. This provides a quick overview of a member's popularity or reliability. 

● Beyond image: Even if a user remains anonymous, thanks to this rating system, they can still arouse interest based on interactions, behaviour and quality of exchanges. 

3. An Authentic Approach to Encounters 

● Counter-current to "fast dating": encourages users to take time to really get to know someone rather than relying solely on a photo; description and ratings play an essential role. 

● Rediscovering the mystery: There's a certain excitement in not revealing everything right from the start. Getting to know someone without seeing their face immediately evokes the thrill of first dates. 

With the Private Album feature, Rencontre Internationale © not only revolutionizes the way online dating is perceived, but offers a platform where confidentiality, authenticity and anticipation are at the heart.

Recently, there have been many cases of users finding love and long-term relationships, and early feedback from the initial cadre of users has been universally popular.

The site provides Personalized Guidance; useful tips and built-in reminders make it easier to use regardless of technical capability, with features that encourage engagement. The site’s intelligent suggestions recommend profiles based on interactions, making each session more personal and relevant. Real-time chat lets you connect instantly with members, and includes automatic translations.

Many users already found love, joy and lifelong meaningful connections which led to marriage that overcame distance relationship challenges using the easy connection, chat and “getting to know you” tools available at ThaidateVIP.

For users looking to connect with, meet and date foreigners, dateVIP offers the following great advantages:

  • Easy to navigate, plus simple filters mean tech skills not required 

  • Users can browse in Thai or English languages

  • Affordable, and easy to get cash for referrals of friends 

  • Great sense of community, no rude or aggressive behaviour towards women is tolerated

For foreign users looking to connect with, meet and date Thai nationals:

  • Site offers incentives to Thai users to join, so many profiles to view

  • Connect with Thais from overseas before making a trip 

  • Many success stories already of foreigners meeting their dream Thai partner on the site

Enjoy super-simple user registration and sign-up today. Startt the journey towards meeting the person of your dreams! The site is tailored towards individual needs and user expectations of Thai and foreign users independently and is available in English, French and German:

https://www.thaidatevip.com/th/ Thai language 

https://www.thaidatevip.com/en/ English language 

https://www.thaidatevip.com French language 

https://www.thaidatevip.com/de/ German language 


Also visit https://rencontre-internationale.com 

About Rencontre Internationale © 

In today's globalized world, where travel and communication are easier than ever, traditional  barriers between cultures and countries are rapidly breaking down. Rencontre  Internationale © was created not only to keep pace with this worldwide trend, but above all  to lead it. At Rencontre Internationale ©, we set ourselves apart from our competitors not by simply  being a bridge between singles, but by becoming a true player in international dating. We believe in the power of true love to bring people together from the four corners of the globe,  transcending cultural, linguistic and geographical barriers. 

For more information: contact@thaidatevip.com

Anonymous Mode puts users in control of their profile information, plus users earn cash for sign-up or recommending to friends (enjoy 1000 THB with every referral)