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Narisa Cafe & Creative Space

Narisa Cafe & Creative Space was created by renovating the old childhood house of Dr. Naris Chaiyasoot, former president of Thammasat University and Director-General of theTreasury Department.  This house, built in 1958, is a half-timbered building made of teak, designed by National Artist Ajarn Pradith Yuwabukka,  Architectural Arts (Traditional).  He is an awarded National Artist who lived to 96 years old, passing away in 2019. His works of architecture are present throughout Thailand.  His family were craftspersons during the reign of King Rama 5 and King Rama 6, thus being influenced and with inherited experience from many other teachers in his lifetime. He also worked with Ajarn Silpa Bhirasri during his service at the National Fine Arts Department.
For the renovation of this house into a coffee shop (during 2021), the idea originated with the shop owner, Khun Narisa Chaiyasoot, or Nong Fah, who is the granddaughter of Grandma Somchit Chaiyasoot, the mother of Dr. Naris Chaiyasoot, who passed away in 2018 at the age of 93 .  When she was alive, she served at the National Fine Arts Department.  She got to know many artists in many fields.  Grandma Somchit was an important inspiration for Nong Fah to take the entrance exam at Silpakorn University, where she graduated with a bachelor's degree with honors from the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture, and Graphic Arts.  She then graduated with a Master's degree in Marketing from Lancaster University, one of the UK's leading marketing universities.  So it's no surprise that Narisa Cafe & Creative Space is a blend of art and marketing.  Moreover, Nong Fah is also a blogger with extensive experience in food and travel.  She has traveled to more than 40 countries, so there are many followers of Nong Fah's writings.
Nong Fah said that the origin of Narisa Cafe & Creative Space is derived from a personal preference as she always went to visit bakeries and coffee shops after the covid incident occurred, and she had to leave the regular job working in a hotel.  Therefore, it was a turning point that resulted with her starting to make and market online desserts under the name “Baked.bake”. Once there were regular customers established who liked her bakery product, she then started thinking about opening a coffee shop by actually selling it from a small shop, which is now a single-room coffee shop.  Named with the added words ‘Creative Space’ because she would love to do more than a coffee shop.  In the future, when the coffee shop is tweaked, she will expand to include: a private meeting place, organize a Saturday market, expand activities in the garden, arrange a Chef Table, teach flower arrangements, teach art, and incorporate various activities that Nong Fah enjoys into this space. Making this area into a place of happiness, such that people come to view it as a place beyond just for drinking coffee.  As for the menu of the shop, It is taken from the online snacks that customers have previously enjoyed.  The coffee focuses on quality.  As she visited hundreds of coffee shops, and she knows her likes and dislikes, she has made the best characteristics of coffee available here.
Espresso Con Panna
Mr. Bob Wilson is quite established in Thai society and has lived in Thailand for more than 20 years. Bob has been a huge fan of Nong Fah's home delivery bakery,“Baked.bake”. He recently came to visit a pre-opening of this new shop and commented that “Narisa Cafe has now made it possible to augment home-delivery with a more conventional café retail format”. On offer are beverages and unique baked cakes and cookies. In terms of beverages, Narisa Cafe may not have a large list, but it does balance both coffee and non-coffee drinks. Personally, Mr. Bob likes the Espresso Con Panna, which is the signature coffee of the café. The indoor/outdoor environment is so peaceful, and it has a background story; it is charming and beautiful in an old Thai-style refurbished house. The design is very well done, especially the windows in the upstairs rooms, which offer warm, natural lighting. The garden is spacious and is very natural.  Bob thinks Narisa Cafe is the perfect spot for a coffee date and working.
Bob said everyone amongst his friends who have tasted the baked goods from “Baked.bake” is fascinated by the taste and visual appeal.  Because “Baked bake” bakery has selected premium ingredients imported from abroad. It provides customers with the freshest, highest quality products which are not factory prepared. They are ready to accept orders for delivery directly to your home or eat at the café.
▲ Travel
 - Parking in front of the shop (8-10 cars)
 Soi Phahonyothin 17
 - Public transport, get off at BTS Ha Yaek Lat Phrao, Exit 3