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RMI Awakens the Use of Thai Software and Copyright Issues

RMI awakens the use of Thai software and copyright issues, calling for all organizations, both public and private to use licensed software and revealing ThaiWPS office software can easily answer to Thai’s need.

Mr. Nuttakit Boonyawisitpokin,Vice President of Sales and Management, RMI Global Ventures Co., Ltd. said that Thailand is taking a step forward into a digital economy era along with other countries so the need for technology, especially software, is increasing, and organizations need to manage their software assets as well as other types of assets. However, many businesses, from large to small businesses, SME, or even listed companies in the stock market, still use software with no license. Today, there are several of what we call “Office Software” which have both freeware or Open Source, and paid ones. What happens now is that the freeware is not good enough, and the good ones are too expensive. The market is looking for an alternative at a reasonable price. When good software is too expensive, middle to small size organization or SMEs cannot afford them, so they tend to use pirate software instead of a license one. And they have been using them continuously until now that some people do not even realize that this office software needs to be paid for. Therefore, ThaiWPS has brought the office software to help solve this problem.

Mr. Nuttakit said that ThaiWPS software has a reasonable price because it is developed by Thai, enabling us to fully understand Thai users and is able to be customized. For example, we have a template for government agencies, so they can work more easily at saving price. The highlights and features of the ThaiWPS software are 3 important principles:

1. The user interface looks familiar so users can install and use immediately.
2. The software is smaller and faster and does not consume too many resources.
3. Special usage functions are available due to research and development, enabling users to work easier and faster.
Software license issues today is that copyright is a big problem for every organization, especially when it comes to budget and data security. Using licensed software will cost a lot, but using pirated one is vulnerable to viruses and hackers. At present, the number of unlicensed software in Thailand is still ranked third among the Southeast Asian countries, after Vietnam with 74% and Indonesia with 83%, while the unlicensed software usage for Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines is 27%, 51%, 64% respectively. And using ThaiWPS office software will avoid this problem because it is inexpensive, secure and highly effective.
Ms. Kanokchana Petcharat, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, RMI Global Ventures Co., Ltd. said that at present, we are offering customers a free 60-day trial. In addition, if customers want to apply to other software such as ERP/Document Management, the software can be customized.  ThaiWPS office software is developed by Thai and can be customized or modified based on the usage of Thai users to serve their needs. The difference can be seen when comparing the software in an international version with ThaiWPS version since we study user behavior first by receiving cooperation from the government in introducing various standards such as using Thai fonts and various template that is used in government organizations. We provide all that is needed and if the organization has different needs, special adjustments such as official seals are available. We want to emphasize the words "Office software for Thai people", which offers many unique functions such as
1. Indent arrangement and paste various images
2. Automatically specify the color of the Eye Dropper when pointing Mouse to the color.
3. There are many other things because we care about the needs of Thai people particularly.
Ms. Kanokchana concluded that using unlicensed software has a negative effect on the overall economy because there will be a consequence of tax. The state will lose tax revenue from the licensed software. And the damage from a cyber threat such as malware infection can cost up to 10,000 US dollars per device, which organizations around the world have to spend almost 359 billion US dollars per year to fix the malware problem that comes with using pirated software. Proper management of software usage and good software choice is the key to help reduce the cost of doing business, enabling the organization to save up to 30% of the budget each year.