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FRUITA debuted in Thai Market, 100% Real Fruit Smoothie brand set the new category of natural beverage

  • Announced “Peck Palitchoke” Thai superstar singer as the first brand presenter and hand in hand with his fanclub to create the new sustainable market platform of young people for Thai farmers.
  • Further invest 200 million baht to expand the production capacity to achieve 8 million bottles per month within this year.
    August 23, 2018 (Thailand) – Fruita Natural launched brand “Fruita” to penetrate a new 100% fruit smoothie drink segment for the first time in the country and held the co-campaign FRUITA YOU ARE REAL in 12 countries in Asia Pacific altogether at the same time and announced the top superstar “Peck Palitchoke” to be the first presenter. He would hand in hand with his fan club to create “marketing platform” to promote Thai agricultural products to be in international market. Fruita Natural speeded up its expansion of production capacity to keep up with the sales orders, both domestic and abroad to reach 8 million bottles per month by the end of year 2018.
Mr. Rakchai Rengsomboon, Executive Director of Fruita Natural Company Limited revealed that Fruita Natural Company Limited is a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of innovative beverages made from natural ingredients. The company produced different types of fruit juice beverages for export to overseas, for example, China, Korea, Singapore, Australia and countries in Europe and America, where Thailand is the main production base. “Fruita” brand is a 100% fruit smoothie drink and has been selling to both domestic and international markets  during the past 2 years which received a favorable response. The company has recently won the award Discover Innovation Award: Gulfood 2018 and Tops Visitor Choice Award: Gulfood 2017 from the largest Food and Beverage Exhibition of the year.
Fruita moved forward to do marketing and creating the brand fully in Asia Pacific market because there were opportunities such as healthy trends and consumers tend to choose what is best for their health. Moreover, Fruita believes that the brand “Fruita” is in the new segment because there has never been any brand doing 100% fruit smoothie drink in this manner both in Thailand and abroad.  “Fruita” is likely to meet the needs of consumers who are looking forexotic taste and health benefits at the same time as well. The brand will do the marketing in the way of Co-Campaign under concept Fruita : YOU ARE REAL likewise all Asia Pacific which already announced Peck Palitchoke to be the first presenter of the brand. He will be the presenter simultaneously across all countries in the Asia-Pacific market in total 12 countries and the brand will build “marketing platform” for farmers new generations by using the famous artist that has a lot of fans in Thailand in order to connect to the market and raise the productivity of Thai farmers into the eyes of the consumers both in home country and abroad.
Moreover, the company has set a target of distributing products to a targeted audience by expanding domestic market to modern trade through distributed by Saha Pathanapibul Public Company Limited including partnership with Chirathivat group to open “Fruita Global Tasting Café” in Atheena23 project to build an experience with a new group of consumers which is not only for the health lover.
“This year’s planning, Fruita plans to increase domestic retail to be 10,000 points, and 30,000 points in foreign countries in 15 countries and will increase to be 50,000 points in 2019. Including cooperation with the Chirathivat group to open “Fruita Global Tasting Café” which will be like a showcase with those  who interested in premium Fruita products that export to foreign countries or do not available in Thailand, including innovations in process research and development (Research & Development Tasting Lounge) to experience the “Exclusive & Innovative Tasting” with new consumer groups. The company has intention to the brand “Fruita” which is a natural beverage first choices that will come to consumers mind in term of the benefits of healthy fresh ingredients from the farm and in the matter of exotic taste drink 100% fruit smoothie style” said Mr. Rakchai.
    Mr. Adisak Thepart side, vice chairman marketing organization said, "the government itself encourages all sectors participate to raise agricultural produce, particularly on the part of the marketing organization for farmers, which has a direct mission to find new markets that are sustainable and create added value for the productivity of farmers. Today is considered one of the models or the platform in a new dimension and glad to see a new generation get involved in promoting the well-being of farmers with the development of agricultural produce by innovation and technology, leading to the modern new dimension and acceptable for a young generation lifestyle. Furthermore, Peck Palitchoke, artist who is the thought leader among the fans of the artist to give good things to the society and Thai farmers.
                   Mr. Saichon Chanwilai, chairman of the group of enterprises, cultivated mango Ban Khlong, provinces of Sukhothai, said "before joining the planting of mango fruit deliver to Fruita. The group often have problems which is mango swamp the market and lack of promotion continuously. The group have more than 2,000 thousand acres and has farmers in a network more than 500 persons. Some of the seasons have to give away or sell them with the cheap price. Sometimes there are some foreign orders but do not buy. So, we have to bring them to overturn for sale. Now, the farmers themselves have seen the future. They are delighted and very proud that our output has come out to the market of new generation. Including export to world markets."

    "The proportion of the Fruita Natural Company Limited current income also come from the export about 90%, But in the nearly future, the expected sales in the country will increase by more than 20% of the proportional to expand distribution channels to the essentially modern trade. Currently, there are approximately 2 million bottles a month and added to as 8 million bottles with a budget of approximately 200 billion Baht to expand around year-end 2018 due to the current capacity is not sufficient to support the orders from abroad. Especially, from China, Korea, Australia and Europe. In addition, the company is in a period of hiring a financial advisor from BM Intelligence Hongkong Company to restructure the administrative system and management accounting system in order to prepare the registration into the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at the end of 2020” said Mr. Rakchai.