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"STADIUM ONE" Bangkok’s Iconic New Lifestyle-Sports Community

     STADIUM ONE is Thailand’s lifestyle sports community—the country’s first, and Southeast Asia’s largest, lifestyle hub for the health-minded. A 200-million-baht investment, this new city-center landmark serves as a one-stop-shop for all sporting and healthy conveniences while paying homage to the neighborhood’s famed athletic past.

STADIUM ONE is a brainchild of four sports-loving executives who want to promote an active lifestyle and watch the neighborhood thrive as an athletic, health-conscious community, says Sittichai Srisanguansakul, STADIUM ONE’s Executive Director. They founded The Sports Society, which later won a bid for a 1.6-hectare concession from Chulalongkorn University by emphasizing the neighborhood’s past as a gathering ground for sports enthusiasts. Being in the heart of the city also means the area is blessed with convenient transport options, making it the perfect, all-in-one sports center.
"We aim to make this space a true sports center. That’s why we’ve invested more than 200 million baht to construct a new, iconic building that would embody this whole idea. Not only will it be Thailand’s first and Southeast Asia’s largest healthy-lifestyle hub, but also offer the most complete recreational experience, from clothing and sneakers to outdoor and indoor exercises. We’re confident Stadium One will attract as many as 10,000 health enthusiasts a day and become one of the top hot-spots for fitness-lovers."
Business partners rest assured. Thanomkiat Summavuthichai, STADIUM ONE’s Executive Director, says sports and health-related businesses can sustain continuous growth for many years to come. That’s because more and more people are making health their priority. Plus, the market for health- and sports-related products and services is perpetually growing.

"In Thailand, spending on health and sporting goods have been rising annually for the last five years and especially surging these past two to three years. The growth is an average of 8% a year. In a way, this number could strengthen investment confidence. But this isn’t just a worthwhile investment; it helps foster a community for active and health-conscious people."

STADIUM ONE was created under the "Stadium of Life" concept, says Natapak Rekijtisirikul, STADIUM ONE’s Director who’s also in charge of architecture and aesthetics. The building is a smooth synthesis between technique and creativity. Sports-inspired curves gently loop around the building before finishing its course at the activity zone. Propping up these curves are tree-shaped pillars to match the greeneries in Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park next door. Futuristic steel and glass panels give this standout structure an airy look and feel. The complex is split into two main sections: Shop House is where sports retailers showcase their merchandises—clothing, shoes, sporting goods—and is complete with a 2,000-square-meter activity area; Active Box, with its high ceiling, is the perfect location for indoor exercise studios, like fitness centers, boxing gyms, yoga schools—any indoor workout classes.

Overall, according to Pongwat Tiyapornchai, STADIUM ONE’s Director, people are interested in renting out the commercial space. More than 70% of businesses, both big and small, see this lucrative location as an opportunity to expand their operations. Warrix, a Thai sports brand, has chosen STADIUM ONE as the site of its new flagship store, which will spread across nine retail rooms and three levels with a combined space of 1,500 square meters. This will also be Warrix’s first official store in Thailand, housing its largest inventory of more than 20-million-baht worth of goods. There’ll also be SCG Express, an express package delivery service co-founded by Japan’s package delivery expert Yamato Group. The shop will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., but plans for 24-hour operation are in the works. Leading shoes and sportswear brand Mizuno will be opening a flagship store here as well.

“In terms of publicity, we’re working nonstop to raise awareness about the complex, both online and offline. On top of that we will host a range of activities at One Arena every single week to attract and increase the number of visitors. Such events include a city-center half marathon, Samsung Galaxy 10K event, the launch of Thailand national football team’s kit, for example.” Pongwat says.

STADIUM ONE is situated at the intersection of Rama 1 Road and Banthat Thong Road, near National Stadium and Thephasadin Stadium. It adjoins Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park, a 4.8-hectare public park. The complex can house 129 retail stores across its 5,000 square meters. Inside, there are the retail section, the exercise-studio section and the 2,000-square-meter activity area, which are further sorted into six zones of retail shops; running and cycling; sporting stores; food and drink; health; and family. Provided facilities include locker rooms, shower rooms, a 150-car parking lot and a surrounding parking area that can hold up to 700 cars.
Those interested in renting the space please contact our sales office at 09-7031-1222 or sales@stadiumone.net. To learn more about the whole complex, please visit www.stadiumone.net
or www.facebook.com/stadiumonebkk