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Uni Arc Co., Ltd. is the leading robotic and welding solution provider joined hands with five’s international financial institute partners to launch the robotic loan processing service to support the small and medium-sized business enterprises (SMEs) to access the high technology followed the Industry 4.0 Platform and solve the labour shortage in a long term period.

     Mr.Thiti Wongthanasak, Managing Director  Uni Arc Co., Ltd said
    Thailand’s SME is an important key factor to drive forward Thailand economy to strength grow and the company is to focus on SME business. The company teams up with five financial institutes including BOT Lease (Thailand) Co., Ltd., BSL Leasing Co.,Ltd., Bangkok Grand Pacific Lease Public Company Limited (BGPL), Thai ORIX Leasing Co.,Ltd and  SMFL Leasing (Thailand) Co., Ltd for a special credit loans namely “UNI ARC 5 YEARS ROBOTPAYLITE FOR SMART FACTORIES & SMEs” to support SME in manufacture sector to give access to  soft loan credit with a below-market rate of interest and long instalment plan.
This project will help SME business to develop their product output in  production plants through an application system and robotics. It will help SME solve the problem about the labour shortage in the future and reduce the operation cost in a long term that in turn will support the business to achieve sustainable grow under the government policy as Thailand 4.0 era which promotes high technology and innovation. Robotics is an important key in line production but SME business can’t access into the government’s soft loan program so it has a knock on effect to their business , Uni Arc Co is ready to support and help Thailand’s SME business to have access into high technology and innovation for business development and create new businesses in the long term period.
     The “UNI ARC 5 YEARS ROBOTPAYLITE FOR SMART FACTORIES & SMEs” project has offered loans to SME businesses to be repaid in a  maximum for five years with the interest rates between 2-4% that is lower than the market rate.
     The UNI ARC 5 YEARS ROBOTPAYLITE FOR SMART FACTORIES & SMEs project wants to support and help SME to access with the budget for robotics and automatics system. The company believes that it will improve Thailand’s industry, increase the efficiency and competitive in a global market and it will gain the business revenue for growth. While it will help robotics producer in domestic market to expand its robotics in Thailand.
     Mr.Thiti said the UNI ARC 5 YEARS ROBOTPAYLITE FOR SMART FACTORIES & SMEs will solve the labour shortage in Thailand due to the one arm robotic type of mechanical arm can replace for five employees. It will reduce the operation cost for the company too, at present companies pay the salary of five employees at 50,000 baht per month but this cost the company can save and spend for other thing for the business. However, the SME businesses loan can be repaid in maximum period of  five years, that makes it a suitable time because the robotics’ life span is around around 10-12 years so it has a period of 5-7 years for robotics to break even point.
     “In a past, our customers who used the robotics can break even in 5 years and some business can break even in a month. Uni Arc is confident and believes the robotics will help the business long term with the concept that aims to help SME business to solve problems, improve productivity, solve labour shortages, reduce the cost for a business and make it easier to be the robotics owner.
“Uni Arc expects the UNI ARC 5 YEARS ROBOTPAYLITE FOR SMART FACTORIES & SMEs project and some 300 SME business will join with this project and this project will contribute the SME revenue more than 300 million baht.” He said.

     The UNI ARC 5 YEARS ROBOTPAYLITE FOR SMART FACTORIES & SMEs project will launch and service for SME on Tuesday 4 September 2018. SME business can contact the company via many channel such as www.robotpaylite.com , Facebook : uniarc.ROBOTPAYLETE, Line: @robotpaylite, hot line phone 091-159-8966 or phone number 02-349-5115, 02-762-0289 (5 automatic lines)

     The company has the expert engineering to advice, appointment and analyze for SME business about the robotics and automatics system in factory that the company will evaluate each company, then the company will send the quotation to the customer within 7 days when the customer has ordered the robotics and automatics system after the financial institute approval a robotics soft loan for the customer.

SME Property :

1. SME business must operated the business at lease for 3 years.

2. SME business must show the currently business performance and profit. 

3. SME business must have the revenue over 10 million baht per year, down payment 10% (the interest rates will be at 2-4% that depend on the financial institute.)

Company profile :

     Uni Arc Co., Ltd. is the leading robotic and welding solution provider based on Industry 4.0 Platform over 15 years. We are an authorized distributor of world class manufacturers in our field. Our products cover and support the development of manufacturing sector in Thailand and ASEAN countries in 3 business units including industrial robot and peripherals, smart factory automation system, welding & cutting machine and related equipments for global brands as OTC Daihen / NACHI / OMRON / TRUMPF / NSSWT / ATLANTIC . Uni Arc has sale robotics more than 1,000 robots.

     We would like to express our deepest appreciation for your kind attention and further distribution.