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dtac reveals 5 cool behaviors of postpaid customers and highlights the best value for money “Rollover” packages

6 April 2016 - In a fiercely price-competitive mobile service industry, the market indexes and behavior trends of mobile usage are very dynamic and change very quickly, especially in the 4G era in which data volume is the key decision-making factor in choosing a mobile phone package. The industry needs the best value package that is designed to meet customer needs at an affordable price.

dtac has conducted a survey on mobile phone usage behavior and customer lifestyle with more than 4.3 million postpaid subscribers early this year. The survey result indicates that data consumption increases 11% from the previous quarter and average data usage is 10 hours per day or 3.4 GB per month, while the average revenue per user is 500 – 1,000 Baht per month. The survey also identified 5 lifestyle trends that played an important role in the design of mobile phone packages as follows:

1.   Look for “value”, not “cheap” – 60% of surveyed subscribers analyze their own behaviors first, then find out the price. They think it provides a good value, they would immediately buy it.
2.   No “preference,” like “comparison” – 90% have no preferred choice as long as it provides the best value and maximum benefit. They make a comparison and calculation based on what they need.
3.   Not “stingy“, but do not like to “waste” – 40% appreciate the value of what they have and feel it is wasted if it is not used. It would be great if it can keep it for future use.
4.   Not “picky”, but like “variety” – 20% like simplicity, but like to have choices. Having a variety of choices makes them happy.
5.   Do not like to “try”, but ready to “change” – 45% do not like to try out new things, but never have hesitation to switch to a better and more value-for-money choice if available.

Ms. Prisana Ratanasuwansri, Senior Vice President, Postpaid Business, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “It is never easy to design mobile packages in a highly competitive market with high data-usage trends. However, dtac has a clear understanding of customer behavior and preferences and has developed packages that fit various customer needs and behaviors
·       dtac is the only operator that offers as many as 25 packages, ranging from 299 Baht to 2,499 Baht, with unlimited Internet access at 384 Kbps after 4G data is used up.
·       dtac provides maximum freedom for customers to create a package based on their usage behavior – either it be high data/low voice or low data/high voice. dtac is the only operator that offers “Rollover” program that allows customers to carry over unused data balance of current month to the next month, which satisfies customers whose data usage fluctuates each month. We got this idea from a survey that showed the average data consumption is 3.4 GB per person per month, and the unused data will be forfeited each month, which customers find is wasteful and not worth the money they pay.
·       dtac offers the lowest prices for comparable packages in the market. dtac Super Non-Stop 599 Baht package offers 16 GB data, while a similar package with other operators offers 12 GB data for 499 Baht with an extra charge of 99 Baht for every additional GB, which means their customers have to pay 396 Baht extra, totaling 895 Baht, to get 16 GB data. dtac packages offer the best value for customers.  

The result of this survey, derived from the analysis of customer needs and usage behavior, enabled us to create the best value postpaid packages in the market. Our efforts do not only increase our market competitiveness, but also deliver the most customer benefit and highest customer satisfaction, which is the most important thing for dtac.