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  • Experience the all new ‘Lifestyle and Dining’ segment, one of the most unique lifestyle hotspot on Chao Phraya River targeting new generation of art connoisseurs, art collectors and hip lifestyle lovers.
  • The 280 million baht revamp as Asia’s premier arts, antiques and cultured living destination ushers in a new contemporary era to celebrate its 31st anniversary.
Chaophaya Development Corporation Limited as an affiliated company of Italthai Group, the management of River City Bangkok organizes “River City Bangkok Press Preview and Open House” to unveil the progress of this major revamp for its Grand Opening in July 2016.  Under the concept of “The Anchor of Arts and Antiques”, the new design has tastefully and perfectly fused the classic beauty with contemporary setting.  The result is one of the kind cultured living destinations with the total space of 47,400 square meters, divided into indoor sale and service areas of 46,000 square meters and the outdoor area of 1,400 square meters along the bank of Chao Phraya River.  The 280 million baht investment has exquisitely transformed the 5-floor shopping center into a magnificent lifestyle hotspot on Chao Phraya River with the all new “Lifestyle and Dining’ segment that appeals to new generation of art connoisseurs, art lovers or hip lifestyle seekers.  This event will also disclose the plan of the upcoming grand opening celebration in July this year to signify its 31st anniversary as well as the alliance between River City Bangkok, Bangkok River Partners and Creative District Project to transform “Chao Phraya River” to be the world’s destination both in business and aesthetics of the neighborhoods along both sides of the river.
Vorrapong Sukteera-anantachai, Managing Director of River City Bangkok says that Chaophaya Development Corporation Limited has planned a major renovation in its 30-year history with over 280 million baht budget emphasizing the complex as Asia’s premier hub of arts and antiques that showcases a diverse array of premium art and genuine antique shops.  With a new slogan “The Anchor of Arts and Antiques”, the business expansion will be in line with the trend of aesthetic lifestyle and the investment in arts and antiques among today’s consumers.
“The current renovation is an overhaul design transforming exterior to be a prominent landmark and maximizing the effectiveness of space planning and management.  The outdoor area around the shopping center both at the front and alongside the river has been redesigned to be more open, pleasant and modern ambiance underlining the functional sensibilities of both vehicular and pedestrian aspects.  Additionally, a new “Boat/Cruise Tour Center” has been extended to properly serve the increased daily tourist traffic.  The outstanding exterior’s glass panel uses distinctive materials with shimmering effect both day and night.  While the interior has been designed using superior materials with the combination of “Black, White and Gold” colors that uniquely reflected the new personality of the River City Bangkok.  Another highlight of this renovation is the high-ceilinged hall area on the ground floor, which is well-ventilated and elegantly decorated with contemporary design pattern and black and white checkered floor.  Surrounded by the increased number of shops with the elegant 3-floor window wall, RCB ARTERY zone is equipped to hold various kinds of event.  The new area planning and design with facilities is well-suited for art exhibition especially gallery style i.e., RCB GALLERIA on the 2nd floor.  The legendary “Riverside Auction House” for the past 30 years has also been redesigned in contemporary setting and renamed to “RCB AUCTIONS” for a more distinguished international stature.” Vorrapong added.  
New Concept, New Layout
The new look River City Bangkok is comprised of 60% art and antique shops, 20% lifestyle shops specialized in leatherwork, silk, tailored suit, furniture and home décor and 20% restaurants and cafes totaling to 160 shops.  The total 4-floor of salable and exhibition areas have been arranged into each category of goods and services.  
On the 1st and 2nd floor will be lifestyle and dining zone with numerous specialty shops such as silk, tailored suit, spa, furniture and home décor including restaurants and cafes by the river.  
On the 3rd and 4th floor are the core strength of the complex showcasing art and antique shops epitomizing “The Anchor of Arts and Antiques”, the best in Asia.  It’s the reason why the River City Bangkok has been well-known as “The Living Museum” among art collectors around the world.  It’s the only place where one can appreciate genuine and rare art objects as if one were in the world’s renowned museum with an exception that these items are available to be purchased.  This is the prime reason why many art connoisseurs and collectors around the world frequent the River City Bangkok every year. 
Moreover, “RCB AUCTIONS” is the Thailand’s leading operating auction house for arts and antiques. Every first Saturday of the month for the past 30 years, it has been the place to hold many prestigious auctions with the total of 367 auctions, 80,000 transactions and over 700 million baht in total sales. Every item has been examined by the Association for Propagation and Promotion of Object D’Art and also a certificate of antique can be issued with a service fee. In April 2016, the 368th auction titled “The First Grand Auction 2016” will be billed as this year’s major art and antique auction with 360 items such as silver, ceramic, Benjarong, wood carving, furniture showcasing A Benjarong (Lai Nam Thong) covered bowl painted and gilt with Thai Epic - Pra Apai Manee, Style, Thai, Rattanakosin, Circa: 19th. The auction is estimated about 10 million baht in bidding value. Grand auction is scheduled 3 times annually in April, August and December.  
Furthermore, the River City Bangkok will be one of the most comprehensive tourist destination featuring “Boat/Cruise Tour Center” with 3 qualified standards piers serving the Thailand’s best dining cruises such as Wonderful Pearl, Chaophraya Cruise, Chaophraya Princess, White Orchid, Wan-Fah, Apsara.  There will be exclusive pier for Shuttle Boat service to transport customers to and from the leading hotels and condos along the river. Also available is ‘Blue flag’ Chaophraya Tourist Boat exclusively for tourists as well as the cultural odyssey by the river from Bangkok to Ayutthaya during the day.
Target Customers
Main target customers of River City Bangkok are 70% foreigners, and 30% Thais.  The top five countries are from 1. China 2. Europe (Germany, Switzerland, France) 3. India 4. The USA. 5. Hong Kong /Singapore.  At present, the estimate of 3,500 – 4,500 tourists visit the shopping center daily.  After the full launch in July 2016, a 25% increase in revenue is expected.
The executive of the River City Bangkok has shared his vision that will drive the shopping center forward and restore to its former glory “The success of shopping center in the long run lies in the distinctive retailing concept and strong positioning. Most importantly we have to differentiate ourselves and have clear target customers in mind. The renovation of the River City Bangkok specialized in the most comprehensive “Arts and Antiques” center with added lifestyle and dining experience and fully functional piers are our key differentiations and positioning that will result in a successful and sustainable business. Our strength in the strategic location allows convenient journey both by road and by river. We’re confident that River City Bangkok will continue to be the center of riverside businesses on Phranakorn side.”  
Get ready to experience the new look of River City Bangkok under the concept “The Anchor of Arts and Antiques”, Asia’s premier arts and antiques for art connoisseurs, art collectors and hip lifestyle lovers.  The one and only cultured living destination with breathtaking view on Chao Phraya River
For more information please contact 0 2237 0077 – 78 or visit our website at www.rivercitybangkok.com and www.facebook.com/pages/RiverCityBangkok

About Italthai Group
“Italthai Group” is an important business group in Thailand’s industrial, commercial and hospitality development during the past 60 years.  Its business portfolio is rooted in 2 sectors that are the fundamental to Thai economy – ‘Construction Equipment and Turn-key Contractor Group’ which has significant linkage to Thailand’s infrastructure development, ‘Hospitality and Lifestyle Group’ which has tied to Thailand’s globally competitive tourism offering.
     Italthai Group has aimed to double its business size to 25,800 million baht in annual sales within 5 years by strengthening the competitive edge of all business groups.  It has also invested 11,000 million baht in service centers, new facilities and factories, new services as well as the organization’s capability development.