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Coca-Cola welcomes 2016 in Thailand with the launch of its new global campaign, “Taste the Feeling”, highlighting that drinking a Coca-Cola, any Coca-Cola, makes the moment more special

Bangkok (3 February 2016) – At an event attended by distinguished media members, fans and the Coca-Cola system Thai leadership team, Ms. Claudia Navarro, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd. recently revealed a new ‘One Brand’ global marketing strategy that, for the first time ever, unites Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light/    Diet Coca-Cola, and Coca-Cola Zero, under the iconic Coca-Cola brand positioning in one global creative campaign, “Taste the Feeling.”
     (From left) Mr. Antonio Del Rosario, General Manager of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd., Maj. Gen. Patchara Rattakul, Chief Operating Officer of HaadThip Plc.,    Mr. Jorge Chazarreta, President of ThaiNamthip Co., Ltd., Mr. Pornwut Sarasin, Chairman of ThaiNamthip Co., Ltd., Ms. Claudia Navarro, Marketing Director, Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd., and Mr. Charnvit Charindhorn, Senior Vice President Marketing & Modern Trade, ThaiNamthip Co., Ltd. in the launch of “Taste the Feeling” campaign.

     The atmosphere of the launch of “Taste the Feeling” campaign.
     “Taste the Feeling” campaign, with the core idea that drinking a Coca-Cola, any Coca-Cola makes every moment more special.

The ‘One Brand’ Strategy:
  • Extends the global equity and iconic appeal of original Coca-Cola across the Trademark, uniting the Coca-Cola family under the world’s number one beverage brand.
  • Comes to life in a global campaign“Taste the Feeling” – that uses universal storytelling and everyday moments to connect with consumers around the world.
  • Features the product at the heart of the creative, celebrating the experience and simple pleasure of drinking a Coca-Cola, any Coca-Cola.
  • Underscores the Company’s commitment to choice, allowing consumers to choose whichever Coca-Cola suits their taste, lifestyle, and diet.

The host of the launch event at Parc Paragon was Ms. Claudia Navarro, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd. who shared details of the campaign.  Also present were the system’s executives Mr. Antonio del Rosario, General Manager of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd., Mr. Pornwut Sarasin, Chairman of ThaiNamthip Co., Ltd, Mr. Jorge Chazarreta, President of ThaiNamthip Co., Ltd., Maj. Gen. Patchara Rattakul, Chief Operating Officer of HaadThip Plc. and Mr. Iain McLaughlin ASEAN Business Unit President, The Coca-Cola Company.  Joining the event were leading Thai celebrities led by the actress ‘Toey – Jarinporn Joonkiat’.  

“Every day, millions of people around the world reach for an ice-cold Coca-Cola,” said Marcos de Quinto, Chief Marketing Officer, The Coca-Cola Company.  “The new ‘One Brand’ approach will share the equity of Coca-Cola, across all Coca-Cola Trademark products…showing how everyone can enjoy the specialness of an ice-cold Coca-Cola, with or without calories, with or without caffeine.”

Taste the Feeling,” is rolling out across all markets globally.  In Thailand, an investment of over Bht 500 million supports the campaign, which will come to life through a number of elements, including: 5 Television commercials; 50+ campaign images; new visual identity system; and a customizable interactive digital experience.

The creative campaign is anchored in the fundamentals of the Coca-Cola brand – the Spencerian script, the red disc and the iconic glass bottle – but with a modern take, featuring authentic and real moments with the product at center stage.

At the launch event at Parc Paragon, Ms. Navarro unveiled 5 television commercials created for the campaign and produced by top creative talent around the world: Mercado-McCann, Sra. Rushmore, Santo, and Ogilvy & Mather New York.  The spots give the viewer momentary, but intimate glimpses into everyday stories, feelings and experiences that people share while enjoying an ice-cold Coca-Cola.  The lead television spot currently playing in Thailand is “Anthem,” (Mercado-McCann), and it comes to life through a series of ordinary moments like ice-skating with friends; a first date; or a kiss.  Coca-Cola links all these universal moments.

The soundtrack to “Anthem” is an original song created for the campaign and titled “Taste the Feeling.” Coca-Cola worked with Music Dealers to write and produce the song. In select markets, the song features the voice of newcomer ‘Conrad Sewell’*. Sewell, a London-born, Australia-raised singer was featured in the breakout single “Firestone,” which produced 3 million-plus worldwide sales. Continuing a partnership he’s had with the Coca-Cola Company since 2014, ‘Avicii’** has also produced a remix of the “Taste the Feeling” campaign anthem.  This remix will be featured in subsequent commercials.  The anthem includes a new audio signature, inspired by the sounds of the experience of enjoying a Coca-Cola – the pop of the cap, the fizz, and ultimately the sounds of enjoyment.  The new audio signature will be used throughout the campaign.
Noted fashion photographers Guy Aroch and Nacho Ricci shot the the campaign Images.  They captured people from around the world enjoying ice-cold Coca-Cola in a variety of everyday moments.  In Thailand, these images will be featured in iconic out of home locations across the country.

The shareable and customizable interactive digital experience is made up of different GIF scenes that reflect feelings associated with drinking Coca-Cola set to the “Taste the Feeling” anthem.  The experience allows users to pull a GIF scene directly from the microsite, personalize the scene with real-time feelings, and share it on social platforms with #TasteTheFeeling.

Ms. Navarro also revealed that a major highlight of the on-the-ground activities locally will be a special fleet of Coca-Cola’s ‘Taste the Feeling’ trucks.  These will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables the truck doors to open automatically when the temperature inside dips to 3 degrees Celsius: the ideal temperature to enjoy Coca-Cola.  Over a million people in Thailand will enjoy this perfectly served Coca-Cola.

In closing, Ms. Navarro quoted American artist Andy Warhol who once said: “A Coke is a Coke, and no money in the world can buy you a better Coke.”  What he was highlighting here is that the experience of drinking a Coke is the same for all of us regardless of who we are.  In other words, I would venture out to say that if a Thai superstar like “Bird – Thongchai McIntyre” and I were to have a conversation and talk about our lives, we’d find that there was probably very little in common: we probably wear different clothes; eat at different places; drive different cars; go to different shows.  However, if we were to talk about drinking a Coke, we could probably relate to a simple moment of enjoyment; a simple pleasure.”
The market for non-alcoholic sparkling beverages in Thailand in 2015 was valued at Bht 50 billion.  The Coca-Cola system was the market leader with a market share of 59%.  [Source: The Nielsen Company (Thailand) Ltd.]

Follow Coca-Cola’s exciting activities ator Facebook page www.facebook.com/cocacola and participate in the experience of the taste via #TasteTheFeeling
“Coca-Cola…Taste the Feeling”

Notes to the Editor

The Coca-Cola System in Thailand consists of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Limited as the brand proprietor responsible for marketing activities, and its two local bottling partners – ThaiNamthip Ltd responsible for 63 provinces around Thailand, and Haad Thip Public Company Ltd serving 14 southern provinces.

The Coca-Cola system in Thailand is the nationwide market leader for non-alcoholic beverages.             In addition to Coca-Cola, the most valuable brand in the world, the Coca-Cola system’s portfolio of beverages in Thailand includes Coke Zero, Coca-Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, A&W Root Beer, Minute Maid Splash, Minute Maid Pulpy, Namthip, herbal drink Habu and Aquarius.

*Conrad Sewell is the performer of the hit “Start Again” which was voted Song of the Year 2015 at Australia’s prestigious ARIA Music Awards (Australia Recording Industry Association Music Awards).
**Avicii, a famous Swedish DJ, is ranked by Forbes as the world’s 6th highest-paid DJ in 2015