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The Serendipity of Natural Beauty-EDELPURE Alpine Quintessential Skin Defense

   This tale of beauty began in the year 1900, in Switzerland. One day a young noble lady strolled through the lush green fields of the Alps, picking flowers as young girls often would. By accident, she stumbled upon a white flower, beautiful and pure, blooming majestically amidst all the other flowers. Such beauty captivated the young princess’s heart. She gathered the flowers and made them into a tiara, as young girls often do. She would often wear the tiara wherever she went.
    One day, the young lady noticed a remarkable change. The other flowers that made up her tiara withered away as time went by, but the white flower bloomed proud and magnificent as the day she first found it. Curious, she sought an explanation from the physician who’s also well-versed in botany. The physician told her the flower was called Edelweiss, the queen of Alpine’s flowers. Edelweiss grew during the three months of spring and only at the Alpine altitude of higher than 2,000 meters, the physician explained. It was a rare find, and this beautiful flower could withstand both intense heat and extreme cold.
     Hearing the physician, the young lady’s interests piqued even more. She asked the physician to investigate the source of Edelweiss’s exceptional quality. After conducting a study, the physician returned with an answer. He told her the secret of Edelweiss was its ability to hold moisture. The physician was able to extract the secret substance that helped to moisture and keep young, which became a beauty recipe the young lady used to keep her skin beautiful and pure like the Edelweiss flower. This beauty recipe has since been passed down from generation to generation.
     Today, the researchers at the Alpine Swiss Laboratoire continues to develop this beauty recipe, meticulously select and extract the substance of Edelweiss and mixing it with the goodness of seven other different Alpine plants. The result is EDELPURE ESSENCE™, the heart of the brand EDELPURE. Made by the gentleness of nature and rich with antioxidants,  E D E L P U R E  is the key that opens the secret to the skin, beautiful and pure.

     Edelweiss is a white mountain flower known by the Swiss as the Queen of Alpine Flora. This beautiful plant was at one time regarded as the symbol of ‘true love’ because, in a year, the flower is only found during the three springtime months in rugged, difficult terrain of the Alps, as high as 2,000 metres from sea level. So, persevering all the difficulties to collect Edelweiss in full bloom for a woman reflected determination and showed the true intentions of the man.
     Edelweiss is blessed with natural resistance to harsh weather conditions, be it scorching heat or frigid cold. The flower continues to bloom for a long period of time even after it has been picked because it is capable of locking moisture and antioxidants inside. These qualities make Edelweiss a true miracle of nature.
Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract
Extraction Part: Leaf
This plant is commonly found during springtime in Europe, especially at alpine areas as high as 1,500 metres from sea level. In the morning, its leaves reflect morning dew and sparkle beautifully. Many people believe that Alchemilia Vulgaris is empowered by the morning dew. High in tannin, this plant is often used to heal wounds on skin, as well as reduce irritation from allergies and rash. It is also a great natural antioxidant that works wonders in firming up the skin and improving its elasticity, while restoring moisture balance.
Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Extract
Extract Part: Flower/ Leaf
Mallow is a beautiful flower that typically blooms in the summer in areas as high as 1,000 metres above sea level. The extracts from its flowers and leaves help the skin feel relaxed and less irritated, while protecting it from free radicals. The mucilage in the leaves is highly effective in reducing inflammation and detoxifying the skin, as well as making it feel softer to the touch, more flexible and well moisturized.
Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract
Extraction Part: Leaf
Melissa Officinalis is also known as balm mint and this herb has been used in European medical circles for over 2,000 years. Commonly found as high as 1,000 metres in altitude, especially in Southern Europe during the autumn, the plant is high in tannin and terpenes that help refresh the skin, reduce inflammation, and counter allergies and free radicals. It also contains eugenol, which works in suppressing acne-causing bacteria, repairing skin cells and reducing skin-darkening blemishes, freckles and dark spots.
Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract
Extraction Part: Leaf
More commonly known as peppermint, this plant is indigenous to Europe and has roots dating back to the 17th century. It usually blooms in autumn in areas with altitude as high as 1,000 metres. Peppermint is known for its unmistakably refreshing fragrance and it is also rich in a variety of minerals, including folate, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C and Omega-3 – all of which are great skin nutrients that work together to freshen the skin, reduce irritation and acne inflammation, minimize risks of developing scars, and fight against free radicals. The result is smoother, healthier skin from the inside out.
Primula Veris Extract
Extraction Part: Flower
Primula Veris is a flowering plant commonly known to Alpine residents as 'Cowslip'. Usually found in areas as high as 2,000 metres above sea level, Cowslip naturally blooms in springtime. Its extracts are used to reduce inflammation and protect against skin allergies. It also works to restore skin strength as well as reduce signs of aging and acne-related scars. In addition, Cowslip is an antioxidant believed to be able to suppress the skin's melanin production, making the skin look naturally fairer and more radiant.
Veronica Officinalis Extract
Extraction Part: Flower/ Leaf/ Stem
Commonly found in European Alpine areas as high as 1,000 metres, Veronica Officinalis or ‘Speed Well’ blooms in springtime. Extracts from its flowers, leaves and stems are rich in tannin and glycoside aucuboside, as well as various natural vitamins that are effective in repairing damaged skin cells. The extracts are antioxidants that also work to heal and soothe irritated skin and stimulate skin cell renewal from within.
Achillea Millefolium Extract
Extraction Part: Leaf
This herbal plant has been long known for its miraculous restorative qualities and it is commonly found in European highlands up to 2,500 metres from sea level. It fully blooms in summertime. Extracts from its leaves work wonders in healing wounds, reducing inflammation and allergies, as well as suppressing acne-causing bacteria. The extracts are also natural antioxidants, which effectively restrain melanin production, making the skin look fairer from within.
     At Alpine Swiss Laboratoire, botanical specialists and scientists in various fields work with toward one common goal and philosophy – to create sustainable beauty solutions for women in truly natural ways.
     Reflecting Switzerland's wealth of knowledge on beauty secrets and years of research and development efforts, "EDELPURE ESSENCE™ " is the very best beauty solution ever created by Alpine Swiss Laboratoire.
     The most concentrated part of Edelweiss extracts is blended with extracts of the Seven Alpine Flowers to create "EDELPURE ESSENCE™ ". And this has become the core element of each and every product under the brand " E D E L P U R E  " – a range of intensive skincare solutions that are rich in natural antioxidants and moisture-locking extracts, the key to protecting and restoring skin cells, as well as, unlocking the purest form of sustainable beauty.
     Each day, women encounter so many elements that cause skin damage, including stress, pollution, harsh sunlight, bad weather conditions. Coupled with damages from cosmetics and chemicals left on the skin, these factors all contribute to the weakening and deterioration of the health of the skin. EDELPURE ALPINE QUINTESSENTIAL SKIN DEFENSE SERIES is a ‘Gift of Nature’ created to shield your skin from such harmful elements, helping the skin to naturally and sustainably restore its vitality and strength.
  1. Alpine Quintessential Skin Defense Ultra Pure Cleansing Oil  150 ml. 1,650 B.-
  2. Alpine Quintessential Skin Defense Purifying Cleanser 125 ml. 1,450 B.-
  3. Alpine Quintessential Skin Defense Purifying Cleansing Gel 175 ml. 1,550 B.-
  4. Alpine Quintessential Skin Defense Delicate Exfoliator 100 ml. 1,500 B.-
  5. Alpine Quintessential Skin Defense Balancing Toner 175 ml. 1,550 B.-
  6. Alpine Quintessential Skin Defense Intensive Serum 40 ml. 3,290 B.-
  7. Alpine Quintessential Skin Defense Anti-Dark Circle Eye Serum 20 ml. 2,650 B.-
  8. Alpine Quintessential Skin Defense All Day Moisturizer SPF 25 PA+++ 60 ml. 2,600 B.-
  9. Alpine Quintessential Skin Defense Overnight Moisturizing Cream 60 ml. 2,700 B.-

4 Steps to Sustainable Beauty

1. Cleansing Your Face
Every day, your face encounters various types of pollution, including dirt, smoke and residual makeup. It is also subject to products containing UV-protection sunscreen. These factors all contribute to the weakening of your skin. So, choosing your face-cleansing products well is an important step to good, healthy skin. Start by using a makeup remover, followed by a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Together, these products work to thoroughly clear chemical residue that may otherwise be left to clog your pores. A failure to cleanse your face well could lead to skin health deterioration, comedones, dark and dull skin and more. So, make sure you cleanse your face well, leaving it free from chemical residue, and preparing the skin to fully benefit from nourishing routines that will follow.

2. Toning Your Face
Once your face is clean, the next important step, which is often overlooked by many people, is to apply a toner to restore the right balance of your facial skin. This process helps skin to fully embrace further pampering, minimizes pores and replenishes skin moisture – making the skin feel smooth and revitalized.

3. Pampering Your Face
Now that your face is clean and ready for treatment, it is time to pamper it with skin-nourishing products that help to restore skin strength from within. Such products include intensive serum, eye cream and moisturizer. And for optimum results, use appropriate products for daytime and nighttime treatments.

4. Protecting Your Skin
The last step before you get out to face harsh sunlight and pollution in the morning is to always protect your skin with products that have SPF and PA ratings because they effectively protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays, which can easily make your skin look dark and dull. These sunrays also reduce proteins in your skin and contribute to pre-mature aging.
     Additional Practices to Enhance the Efficiency of Your Skincare Routine
     Apart from the above four fundamental steps, you may like to try the below practices a few times weekly to achieve even healthier skin.
     Facial Scrub: A facial scrub helps exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal younger, healthier and smoother skin. It also effectively stimulates natural skin cell renewal. Make sure to choose a facial scrub product that is gentle on the skin because the ones that are too rough or too strong may result in skin damage.
     Skin Rejuvenation: When your skin is weary and weakened by pollution or skin-damaging activities, revitalize it quickly and effectively with intensive skin-nourishing masks.
     With proper pampering and care, maintaining youthful and beautiful skin from the inside out should not be too difficult to achieve.

  • Moisturizing Product: Paraben Free, No Dye, Non-Comedone, No animal derived, Non-irritate
  • Cleansing Product: Paraben Free, No SLS, No SLES, No Dye, Non-Comedone, No animal derived, Non-irritate

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