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Hino We Care Drives the Hino Solar Powering a Sustainable Tomorrow Project Forward by Installing the Solar Cell Panel Device at the 4th Location: San Kamphaeng Kanta Anusorn School, Chiang Mai Province.

     On January 12, 2024, at San Kamphaeng Kanta Anusorn School, Chiang Mai Province, was installed solar cell electricity system by Hino Motors Sales (Thailand) Ltd. On the occasion, Mr. Ken Iwamoto, the president, together with executives and Chairatchakarn (Bangkok) Co., Ltd. attended the event of the solar cell electricity system installation at its 4th selected location: San Kamphaeng Kanta  Anusorn school, under the Hino We Care Project and the concept of “Hino Solar Powering a Sustainable Tomorrow”. Hino perceives the importance of clean energy, which plays an important role in the education sector of Thailand, and environmental sustainability creation; this highlights the effort and commitment of Hino in creating social values along with sustainable business operations.
     The “Hino Solar Powering a Sustainable Tomorrow” project and the solar cell, which is considered an option of clean energy will reduce the expenses from the school’ s electricity bills, at an estimated cost of 36,000 baht per year. As a result, the school will be able to use this budget to improve additional schoolwork and affairs. Acting Second Lieutenant Sayan Oun-ruen, Director of San Kamphaeng Kanta Anusorn school said “I am thankful to Hino Motors Sales (Thailand) Ltd. that has provided supports in terms of solar cell devices. Apart from direct benefits that the school received, advantages also cause positive impacts on neighboring communities since the school has established the Community Digital Center to open opportunities for children and youths to use and benefit from this Center. Thank you Hino for perceiving the importance of children who would grow up to become good adults in the future.
     The Hino We Care project : the donation activity of solar cells that emit lights generated by environmentally-friendly and clean energy, has been continuing since Hino has been committed to its business operations under the concept of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, together with creating values among stakeholders, such as customers, business partners and allies, nearby communities, and society.
     Hino is committed to setting up environmental goals, and to improving sustainability so that this world can become a better place to live. Follow us via the Hino We Care project, which can bring happiness and smiles to people in Thai society and this world, today and forever. For more information, good activities, and the latest updates, please visit www.hinothailand.com, Facebook: Hino Thailand Fan Club, Line: @hinoth, YouTube: Hino Thailand Official, and TikTok: @hinoth.