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Ministry of Commerce Opens Call for 2023 PM’s Export Award Entries, aiming to elevate the export sector to access New Economy and the global trend of sustainability

     Bangkok 2023: The Ministry of Commerce launches Prime Minister’s Export Award 2023, under a theme of “Better Vision Brighter Future”, with a target to elevate the export sector to reach Asia’s TOP 5 trading nations. Four Award-winners join the stage, sharing their experiences and inspirations in developing world-recognized businesses.
     Mr.Phusit Ratanakul Sereroengrit, Director-General of Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), said DITP aims to enhance Thai Entrepreneurial competencies to compete in the world’s market, by building up the Thai business sector’s image for global recognition. With the vision to increase international trade competency to reach TOP 5 trading nations in Asia by 2027, the PM’s Export Award has implemented the Ministry’s Strategy, guided by Mr.Jurin Laksanawisit, Market-led Product, as to promote Thai business potentials. The Award is opened for all entrepreneurs in every sector, including startup, SMEs and Micro SMEs.
     “Amidst the world’s economic crisis, the Thai entrepreneurs need to respond to the New Economy model, driven by technology and innovation, as well as implement BCG Economy, in order to reach market demands and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” he said.
     “The Prime Minister’s Export Award is the honorable award representing a great credit to Thai exporters, regrowing to their outstanding performance on production and management in accordance with international standards, and resilience to encounter new upcoming threats. They can also become role models to other entrepreneurs.”
     Ms. Pra-onnuch Pranuch, DITP’s Director of Office of Innovation and Value Creation, DITP, said that “this year the award has come with the concept of ‘Better Vision Brighter Future’, on the occasion of the 31st anniversary. This year, we also aim to inspire new entrepreneurs to be future exporters. After our three-decade journey, we have awarded 257 companies, with 784 prizes.”
     Last year, DITP has reviewed the regulations for making sure that the Award’s criteria is in line with the global changes. We have putted more focus on business innovation, which can lead to the shift from production-based to more service-based enterprises. Furthermore, this new criterion is emphasized on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), which is a significant factor for sustainable economy.
     The PM’s Export Award 2023 has been divided into seven categories, as follow.
1. Best Exporter
2. Best Thai Brand, (Existing Brand and Emerging Brand) 
3. Best BCG Exporter (originally form Best Innovation)
4. Best Design (newly included service system and digital platform)
5. Best Service Enterprise (including health & wellness, digital content & software, ELMA, Printing and Packaging)
6. Best OTOP (Best OTOP and OTOP New Face)
7. Best Halal
     M.L. Kathathong Thongyai, Assistant Director-General and the Sub-Committee Chair of PM’s Export Award (Best Design), said that “In 2023, the Award is seeking for talent applicants with innovation & technology, design & creativity, branding & value creation, as well as businesses in line with BCG Model and SDGs”
     He also noted that those challenges have been developed and adjusted them as the guidelines to select the winners from all seven categories. This year, we call for new generations of entrepreneurs, Micro and SMEs business, who can successfully express vision and business philosophies towards BCG and SDGs concept. DITP believes this not only creates firm competitiveness, but also inspires others to be the next exporters.
     According to the press conference, the four winners last year have shared their experiences on business practices and their visions towards future economy, these include:
     1. Mr. Kosin Virapornsawan, Managing Director of Plan Creations Co., the wooden toy manufacturer he has put a focus on sustainability. His company has produced sustainable toys, made from rubber wood tree. The company is the first in the world, who turns waste rubber woods to creative products for children.
     2. Mr. Nitipon Darakanonda, President of SONITE INNOVATIVE SURFACES COMPANY LIMITED, shared his experience on adding values to unwanted materials from farm, such as husk, coconut shell and water hyacinth to create eco-friendly products.
    3. Ms. Waraporn Manusrungsri, managing director of K Fresh company, has developed her own fortune from coconut business under the exported brand “COCO Thumb”. The fresh coconut is contained in innovative sustainable packaging to make it easy to eat.
     4. Ms. Atchara Poomee, founder and CEO of PAC company, created and developed and energy saving. Technology, when answers to the global environment concerns.

     Regarding the Award’s privileges, the winners will receive  a wide range of marketing supports from the government. These include invitations to join promotional campaign organized by DITP, opportunities to participate in a variety of seminars and business trainings, and media’s advertisement as well as an allowance to use PM’s Export Award’s logo.
     The 31st Prime Minister’s Export Award 2023 ceremony will be hosted at the Government House’s Santi Maitri Building on August 24. Entries for 2023 are now being accepted via the website, pmaward.ditp.go.th. For further information, please contact 66 2136 5226 or 66 2507 8290 during the office hours.