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CP Vietnam hosted a training to promote human rights and good labour practices in supply chain

CP Vietnam Corporation (CP Vietnam) hosted the second edition of “Capacity building for partnership” training programme for critical suppliers to help them transition toward a more sustainable working culture, especially in the areas of human rights and labour practices.

Mr. Chamnan Wangakkarangkul, Executive Vice President - Agro Feed and Food Products Business and President of Sustainable Sourcing Committee of CP Vietnam, said the company has applied and communicated CP Foods’ sourcing policy, covering four main areas that are product and services' traceability (Product), fair treatment of employees and human rights (People), environmental-friendly process (Process), and verifiability performance and risk management (Performance). 

To achieve this goal, CP Foods has shared its expertise in sustainable practices, including its knowledge in human rights, workplace safety and good labour practices, to the suppliers. He added that, good and sustainable practices will raise their competitive advantage at a global stage.
“Nowadays, companies around the world are looking for a partner with ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) practice. This training program will guide our critical suppliers to be one of them, a supplier of choice for leading corporate and government organizations.” Mr. Chamnan said.

Mr. Worawit Arunraksa, Assistant Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development (CSR&SD) of CP Vietnam, added that “Capacity building for partnership” training programme which initiated following the success of the same program by CP Foods in Thailand.  The first batch was held in 2019 for 78 critical suppliers in the southern part of Vietnam. Meanwhile, this year program was made for 70 suppliers in the northern part, covering packaging, ingredient, services, machinery etc.

This year training program was held online to avoid the risk of COVID-19 with specialists from SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, in charge of labour laws and human rights training and CP Vietnam’s SHE&EN team on occupational health and safety measures.
CP Vietnam also encourage its suppliers to apply the company’s Online Supplier Sustainability Self-Assessment to ensure that they are stringently comply with law and international trade regulations. 

Mr. Worawit added that, after the training program, the company will work closely with the suppliers, providing a guidance to help them transition toward a better practice.

Being recognized for its sustainable practices, the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD) has named CP Vietnam Corporation (CP Vietnam) among Top 10 sustainable companies in the manufacturing sector in 2020. Moreover, it was listed in the Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI) 100 for the third consecutive year.