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CMKL University and TCC Technology collaborate to launch national AI supercomputing research infrastructure

26 March 2021 - Bangkok Thailand – CMKL University and TCC Technology (TCCtech) collaborate to launch national AI research infrastructure & dataset exchange to provide the high-performance computing solutions to The National Data Platform for AI.

CMKL: The Best of both worlds

CMKL University was established as a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL).   CMKL has leveraged the best practices from CMU, the U.S. based University, known as the top Grad School in AI field and KMITL, Thailand Based University, also known as the top University in Engineering fields.

Beyond Limit

“With the core value - Beyond Limit, Make it happen, CMKL was initiated to create a new collaboration between the industries and academia.  As many companies moved to Pittsburgh to be near CMU, now we are bringing CMU to Thailand to create the new way of work with business in Thailand and this region.  We are pleased to work with TCC Technology, Thailand’s leading infrastructure and solutions providers, in handling the world class infrastructure to support research for our National AI platform” stated by Dr. Supan Tungjitkusolmon, President of CMKL University. 

Unleash the power of AI in Thailand 

“We encourage universities and businesses to open up and work together in order to combine our strengths so that we can leverage AI power to the fullest extent and be ready to compete in the global stage. Thanks to PMU-C's support, we can build the new, powerful AI-enabled infrastructure called “APEX,” located here at CMKL University (Carnegie Mellon - CMKL | Thailand). APEX can help unleash high performance for AI workloads without limiting your imagination, as well as accelerate turn-around time for analysis, thus shortening time to market. For sustainability in providing such AI-infrastructure services in the future, we are collaborating with global partners as well as domestic service providers, like TCC Technology, to build national capability to maximize APEX’s capability and understand how to provide AI-infrastructure services.” stated by Dr. Orathai Sangpetch, Vice President of Research and Strategy at CMKL University. 

The most powerful computing power in Southeast Asia

“With 30-petaflop AI computing power, the ‘Apex’ cluster deployed at CMKL is one of the most powerful AI-focused infrastructure in Thailand and this region. The infrastructure will be a part of federated AI computing facilities deployed across universities in Thailand. It also serves as the central repository for AI corpuses & research datasets supported by MHESI and PMU-C. Its aim is to push AI to solve real-world use cases. We collaborate with TCC Technology and leading technology companies to make the system available to the much needed areas of research that will enhance the country’s competitiveness. With training speed as the key to success for AI project, high performance computing means more work can be done and more opportunity for researchers to turn AI research ideas to business opportunities,” stated by Dr. Akkarit Sangpetch,CMKM (Thailand) program director at CMKL University. 

*Petaflops means a unit of computing speed equal to one thousand million million (1015) floating-point operations per second.

APEX Goliath, a key initiative under framework of Thailand’s BCG economy 

As part of BCG (Bio-Circular-Green Economic Model) infrastructure development, APEX Goliath is a key initiative, sponsored by PMU-C (Program Management Unit for Thailand’s Competitiveness), Office of National Higher Education Science Research and Innovation Policy Council (NXPO), an autonomous public agency affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. APEX Goliath is the data exchange & AI analytics platform across integrated systems for BCG. It will help accelerate to maximize the value of data and AI economy for industries such as medical & wellness, food & agricultural, tourism & creative economy and bio-energy in Thailand. 

TCCtech: Embark on the BCG development

“TCC Technology is honored to be part of CMKL’s success in implementing the infrastructure solutions to be the national data exchange & AI analytics Platform under Thailand’s BCG development. This could be regarded as the big step to leap frog our country in AI field and transform Thailand to be a value-based and innovation-driven economy.”, stated by Teerapan Luengnaruemitchai, Managing Director of TCC Technology

Trusted Technology Solutions Partner

“TCC Technology –as the Technology Trusted Solutions Partner is ready to support CMKL’s central computing node in spearheading the AI initiatives to be beneficial to research and university nodes and businesses across Thailand and Southeast Asia”, said by Pipit Jariyavattanavijit, Deputy MD - Commercial and Operation of TCC Technology

End-to-End Solutions powered by TCC Technology

CMKL adopts the integrated infrastructure solutions, powered by TCC Technology. The solutions range from data center & containment, network & management appliance, high performance GPU & storage and AI/ HPC appliances.  In addition, the end-to-end solutions include the management & monitoring of high speed connectivity linkage to our country’s neutral internet exchange making the performance optimization and effectiveness possible. 

Significant milestone to create substantial impacts 

AI initiatives will become increasingly important in the near future. This collaboration, with the readiness of high performing infrastructure, is regarded as a significant milestone to create substantial impacts by making technology accessible and accelerating various AI work in collaborative R&D fields to benefit for Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) economy & society in Thailand and our neighboring countries.      


About CMKL

CMKL established as a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL). CMKL provides cutting-edge engineering research and education in Southeast Asia. By bridging world-class partnerships with local context, CMKL makes technologies accessible to its society and creates innovations that will benefit Thailand and the Southeast Asia region. 

For more information, please visit http://www. cmkl.ac.th 

About TCC Technology Group

TCC Technology Group is a Trusted Technology Solutions Partner. The group aims to deliver the best–value solutions to support customers to accelerate their business operation and achieve their full potential.  These solutions are developed on top of highly reliable and secured infrastructure, which includes trusted data centers, multi-cloud platform and Carrier-Neutral Internet Exchange hub, contributing to the strong base of customers from both local and international arenas. The group companies gain the recognition for the high quality standard and data security.  The Synergies with Global Strategic Partners also enhance the commitment to customers and society. TCC Technology Group consists of T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd. (TCCtech), LEAP Solutions Asia Co., Ltd. (LSA) and Shinasub Co., Ltd. (SNS).  

For more details, please visit https://www.tcc-technology.com