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CP Foods to certify Thailand’s first ever cage-free standard

     Wang Somboon Farm, a cage-free production of Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods), is ready for the Thailand’s firstever cage-free farming practice standard by Department of Livestock Development, to deliver consumers safe food and address an increasing consumer demand for animal welfare products. 

     Mr. Somkid Wannalukkhee, Senior Vice President at CP Foods, said that the new cage-free standard is a significant step for egg production in Thailand as it will enhance high animal welfare egg products for Thai consumer choices. This will encourage eggs farmers to produce more animal welfare products. 

     He added that CP Foods has underlined a commitment to produce high quality eggs with internationally-recognized animal welfare standards and the highest food safety. Therefore, its Wang Somboon farm is going to apply for the cage-free standard.

     “The cage-free certification by the Department of Livestock Development will give consumers healthier choices. Moreover, this will help increase the credibility of CP Selection Cage Free Eggs products as well,” said Mr. Somkid.

     CP Foods’ Wang Somboon is operated cage-free production since 2018, using the EU standard farming model. The laying hen are raised with an internationally accepted 'five freedoms”, consisting of freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury and disease, freedom from fear and distress, and freedom to express animal behaviour. As a result, the hen are happy, healthy and antibiotics-free throughout their lives.

     They are raised in 12 closed and controlled environment houses. Each chicken house has a low stocking density of 7-9 laying hens per square meter. Environmetal enrichments are installed in the facility, encouraging layer hens to express natural behaviors freely. They can rest on perches. The flooring supports ferretting and self-cleaning. 

     The special breed hens are fed with 100% wholegrain feed meal to promote the animal’s health. As a result, eggs are fresher with an orange colour egg yolk and contain high nutrition. They are also chemical-free and salmonella-free.

     These high quality eggs are moving out of a common nest area to collecting point via an automated conveyor belt. Feeder and drinkers are located nearby the nesting area to encourage the hens to use the nest.

     Currently, Wang Somboon farm produces 12 million of cage-free eggs a year, supplying leading restuarants and supermarkets in major cities across Thailand.