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TCCtech along with partners to launch “open talk”, IT variety program

To adapt to New Normal via collaboration tools
OPEN-TEC, (the Tech Knowledge Sharing Platform inspired by TCC Technology Group) has adjusted the community strategy to adapt to new normal trend. The collaboration tools will be applied to ensure the social distancing while maintaining quality of tech knowledge. The new IT variety program called ‘open talk’, will be initiated from collaboration with various local and regional partners. It will be bringing the leading tech expert and top executives from different industries to share their thoughts, experience and how to adopt technology to create the best value tools for business.
The first episode of open talk is honored by Michael Araneta, Associate Vice-President for IDC Financial Insights, who leads the research and consulting work for Asia/Pacific Financial Services. This first episode is focusing on the impact of COVID-19 on the BFSI (Banking, Financial services and Insurance) market, what BFSI should really need to prioritize, the process regarding cyber-threat and risk management framework, including technology trend.  
Let’s join “open talk” to gain knowledge; inspirational experience to help encourage all organizations in BFSI sectors and other industries.   

  • Impact of COVID-19 situation on BFSI market (03:09 – 06:57)
  • Buzz word during COVID-19 (07:01 – 09:57)
  • The critical technologies for BFSI after COVID-19 (10:02 – 12:50)
  • The trends and sentiment of investment in these technologies (13:04 – 14:27) 
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