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Bangkok studio BASE reopens its gyms safely and strongly

BANGKOK, THAILAND - Bangkok fitness studio BASE has reopened its doors with a big focus on providing a safe training environment, without compromising the customer experience that helped them win Bangkok’s Best Fitness Studio 2020 at the ClassPass Awards.
In an effort to go above and beyond, BASE have implemented numerous health and safety measures such as temperature screening, reduced classes to allow for social distancing and a rigorous cleaning schedule throughout the day.
BASE is opening up its three gyms in phases, slowly reintroducing services when it is safe to do so, based on the best current advice and recommendations from the WHO and the Thai government.
“Gyms play a very important role in our physical and mental wellbeing and research shows that having a strong body and immune system is crucial in fighting off viruses and illness” said Jack Thomas, founder and CEO of BASE.

“We strongly support the Thai government’s decision to allow gyms to reopen and we are absolutely committed to providing a safe and clean space for people to workout, have fun and improve their health”.

The worldwide fitness industry faces numerous challenges such as restoring member confidence, government regulation and a possible looming economic recession. 
Sitting at the premium end of the market, BASE is tackling these challenges by investing in industry-leading technology to track and record fitness stats, as well as focusing on 5-star service and a strong community of coaches and members.

Zoom meetings and conferences are now the norm, and fitness is no different with many companies around the world taking their programs online. Industry-leading digital fitness companies like Peloton have seen a large uptick this year in their share price and customer base.
Responding to this market shift and opportunity, BASE has developed a digital fitness platform called BASE Anywhere - a mix of live Zoom workouts and ‘on-demand’ recorded videos. In just a few months, the platform has grown into a community of over 150 members based around the world.
Many have touted the future of the fitness industry as a ‘hybrid model’ of online and offline fitness being offered side by side. This allows members more flexibility and choice and gives gyms the opportunity to reach more people and provide another revenue stream.
BASE is open for personal training and group classes with advanced booking.
Instagram, Facebook: /basebangkok