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TCCtech Supports BKNIX’s Project on Remote Meeting Platform Through enhance the quality of connectivity required by entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic impact of Covid-19 spreading fast throughout the world requires many organizations to set business continuity plans to keep business running during the crisis.  Working From Home (WFH) results in tremendous increase in data circulation on internet network. BKNIX, as an Internet Exchange Provider, offers Remote Meeting Platform, www.Vclass.net/conference at Free of Charge to support WFH during COVID-19 situation. Use of collaboration tools & platform to remote working environments, to stay connected with staffs and business partners become essential business process and the key factor to reduce the business risk.  This urgency requires businesses to further leverage technology and prepare for this disruption.

T.C.C. Technology Co. Ltd (TCCtech), as the Primary Data Center Hub for BKNIX, welcome and in supportive of our partner, BKNIX, the 1st Neutral Internet Exchange in Thailand. BKNIX invites Institutions, Universities, Content, Application and Internet Services Providers who have never used BKNIX services before to try the National Internet Exchange service free of charge.  We will also increase the port up to double capacity for existing members / customers, starting from now onwards to September 2020. Any organization can register for the service at http://bknix.co.th/th/covid-19 .

Professor Dr. Kanchana Kanchanasut, Internet Hall of Fame Inductee (2013) stated “Internet is a main factor in driving a digital society, especially for this difficult pandemic that our nation is facing. Internet becomes the critical infrastructure of society to survive through the impact of COVID-19.   It is our great pleasure for Internet Exchange Point, BKNIX, to collaborate with our main partner, especially TCC Technology, to support the efficiency of WFH, which generates the higher demand for internet. This phenomenon has driven the future growth of Technology and Online Services. People learn and apply technology automatically. To strengthen the country’s communication system, to support people and organizations from all sectors to access internet with the high quality services and not to focus only on business competitiveness, the synergy, among all internet and online providers, is highly crucial.”

Voradis Vinyaratn, Executive Director of T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd stated “IT infrastructure is the heart of Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and plays an important role in the effective delivery of online communication, data exchanges, remote working and business continuity solutions. TCCtech is proud to continuously support the excellent programs that BKNIX has initiated. We believe that the beginning has already been started; adopting and adjusting the way we work have never been necessary as now.”

About BKNIX 
Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange (BKNIX) is the first neutral Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Thailand. Launched in 2015, BKNIX is operated under the Thai Network Information Center (THNIC) foundation with a mission to enhance Internet quality for Thai Internet users. Currently, there are 32 ASNs, from ISPs, cloud, content providers, research and education networks, interconnecting to exchange Internet traffic through BKNIX’s outstanding carrier-class equipment which can carry terabits per second (Tbps) data exchange rate. BKNIX is considered as an important Internet infrastructure that supports the continuous growth of internet data exchanged in Thailand. For more information, please visit https://bknix.co.th.

About TCC Technology Group  
TCC Technology Group is a Technology Solutions Partner, aiming to address customers’ requirements with Best Value Solutions through Neutral & Trusted Facilities (certified under ISO27001), Secured Cloud Platform (certified under CSA STAR and PCI DSS), supported by Strong Connectivity managed by Experienced Professionals. TCC Technology Group consists of T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd. (TCCtech), LEAP Solutions Asia Co., Ltd. (LSA) and Shinasub Co., Ltd. (SNS). This power of Synergies among companies under TCC Conglomerates and Global Strategic Partners enhances continuous growth and commitment towards sustainability. For more details, please visit https://www.tcc-technology.com/en