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dtac commits to 5G and more accessible, high-speed connectivity for all

February 18, 2020 – Today, dtac shared its 2020 business strategy, aiming to achieve vastly improved customer journeys and up to three-times-better data capacity across its network. dtac also announced its 5G plans for the year, with select locations in first half, 2020, and new services launching every quarter, from dtac@home on massive MIMO, to private business networks and content partnerships.

“The addition of high-band spectrum to dtac’s portfolio, which already includes mid and low bands, will allow us to provide the high-quality data experience that will be critical to future networks. We have made a commitment to never stop improving our network and our customers now enjoy the fastest download speeds in Thailand.(1) With the acquisition of 26GHz spectrum and the continued development of our mid-band holdings, we are determined to bring new technologies and a better data experience for the many, not for the few,” said Sharad Mehrotra, CEO of Total Access Communication PLC or dtac.

dtac is transforming its customer experience to make it more contextualized and personalized. Today, personalized, machine-learning-enabled recommendations in digital channels already account for 38 percent of topping sales. The recent overhaul of the dtac reward experience also brings localized recommendations to the dtac app, with plans to add contextualized offers within 2020.
To achieve its objective of continually improving the network and customer experience, dtac is also rethinking its organization and ways of work. In 2019, dtac upskilled 25 percent of employees working in critical areas such as cybersecurity, data analytics and business intelligence. In partnership with the expert programs from Telenor Group, dtac aims to double that figure to 50 percent in 2020. dtac also reported that applying the agile methodology has reduced time to market from weeks to hours, providing customers with more relevant, timely offers.

“dtac’s strong performance in 2019 gives us confidence to continue our efforts to improve customers’ experience through a better network and more personalized offers. We will be stepping up our digitization efforts to simplify for customer journeys and transform our organization to respond more quickly and effectively to customers’ needs. dtac will never stop improving our services and readying our organization for the future,” said Mr. Mehrotra.

As part of its 2020 business strategy, dtac also announced initiatives to further strengthen its network for all customers. In addition to introducing 5G technology, dtac will significantly boost its existing network to give all customers improved coverage and up to three-times-higher data capacity.

“The immediate rollout of ultra-high-speed massive MIMO technology at high-traffic locations nationwide and thousands of additional sites on the 2300MHz partnership spectrum are expected to provide all customers with better coverage and a smoother data experience. dtac’s total number of high-capacity TDD sites is expected to amount to over 20,000 by yearend,” said Mr. Mehrotra.

In the multiband auction held last Sunday, February 16, dtac acquired 200 MHz of 26GHz 5G spectrum, expected to deliver fiber-like speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s in selected locations within first half, 2020.

Deployment of 5G network on the 700MHz band, expected to bring 5G coverage also to rural areas of Thailand is planned for the second half, 2020.

In 2020, dtac also has a roadmap for innovative service applications, including 5G-enhanced mobile broadband, fixed wireless broadband, content platforms, IoT for industrial solutions and further use case development.
“Acquiring 5G spectrum is just the start of the journey, with much more to come every quarter this year. Our goal is to never stop improving on connectivity solutions that meet the real needs of our customers. We will meet those needs in the cities, in rural areas, and on both existing and future devices. Our goal is to connect all our customers to what matters most and to empower society,” said Mr. Mehrotra.

(1) As per the Opensignal Mobile Network Experience Report - November 2019

About the 26GHz band:

The unique features of 26GHz mmWave band include ultra-high speeds and ultra-high capacity for a wide range of 5G service applications that require almost instantaneous delivery of large amounts of data, such as high-resolution virtual (or augmented) reality, high-speed internet for large crowds at concerts, and remote health services.

About massive MIMO technology:

Massive MIMO technology will boost the capacity of dtac’s 2300 MHz TDD network (in partnership with TOT) and enable top-quality, high-speed data services to its customers especially in high-rise buildings and densely populated areas like Bangkok , where it is most required. The deployment of dtac’s Massive MIMO technology will play an important role in the current evolution of mobile communication by easing the journey to 5G for all users.