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Thai Fight cooperate with Chulalongkorn University opening the "Sam Rap Thai Institute", to be known in worldwide and to promote the local Thai food.

     Sam Rap Thai Institute is an international Thai food culture institute established under the cooperation between Thai Fight Company Limited and the "Sam Rap Thai Institute", the Thai Studies Institute of Chulalongkorn University on October 1, 2019 with the idea of establishing to distribute local Thai food and Thai food as a "Sam Rap" to be known in worldwide.
     "Thai food" is considered as one of the charm of Thailand due to its mellow and strong-flavor, making Thai food to be well-known and famous. However, the study and extension of local Thai food, which may be called "Local food wisdom" is still not developed as it should be. Therefore, the main function of the Sam Rap Thai Institute is to collect local raw materials, researching the process of creating food, as well as promoting local food to be widely known and disseminating Thai food culture around the world through various activities, including television programs, cooking contest as well as organizing a local food festival that will be held both domestically and internationally throughout the year. 
     The extension of Thai food to go global when the "Sam Rap Thai Institute" is a collaboration between Thai Fight Co., Ltd. (THAI FIGHT), a company that has many world-class Muay Thai tournaments that create a reputation for spark creating a trend for Muay Thai to spread throughout the world with Chulalongkorn University which is an academic institution that gathers information and manages to listen to opinions from various related agencies, making "Sam Rap Thai Institute" has the potential to be a central agency for data collection together with the Ministry of Culture in proposing to "Sam Rap Thai" has been registered as a UN Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Mr. Itthipol Khunpluem", Minister of Culture, give a speech about "Thai food, Thai culture
Prof. Dr. Bundit Eua-arporn" the President of Chulalongkorn University, give a speech about the cooperation between THAI FIGHT and Chulalongkorn University

Mr. Krit Srichawala", Chief Executive Officer of Fico Group said
     To disseminate Thai cooking methods and preserve traditional Thai cooking methods. Sam Rap Thai Institute also intends to create a Thai cooking course to present the uniqueness of Thai through the authentic "original" taste of Thailand. Moreover,"Sam Rap Thai Institute" has also established the award "Siam Charat" award as a medium to convey Thai food standards to the world. "Siam Charat" award will be a prestigious award that guarantees the quality of local food and local restaurants in order to build trust among consumers. The "Siam Charat" award is a global award that motivates restaurants to intend to preserve local food. Thailand's sustainability and publicizing local food to be known around the world as well. 

Prof. Sukanya Sujachaya", member of the Royal Institute said

     Sam Rap Thai Institute also received support from both the government and private sectors by holding a press conference for the establishment of the "Sam Rap Thai" institute on Friday 29 November 2019, at the Grand Ballroom, Pullman Bangkok Grand Sukhumvit Hotel and being honored by "Mr. Itthipol Khunpluem", Minister of Culture, give a speech about "Thai food, Thai culture, "Prof. Dr. Bundit Eua-arporn" the President of Chulalongkorn University, give a speech about the cooperation between THAI FIGHT and Chulalongkorn University, "Mr. Krit Srichawala", Chief Executive Officer of Fico Group, "Prof. Sukanya Sujachaya", member of the Royal Institute, Mr. Chamras Tassanalawad (Day Titanium). There is a collaboration of all sectors that would like to push the "Sam Rap Thai" to be registered as the UN Intangible Cultural Heritage.
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