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RISE joined hands with leading corporates to organise RISE.AI Demo Day to showcase innovations of 30 best-in-class AI startups that can meet corporate needs.

     RISE – Regional Corporate Innovation Powerhouse, a regional corporate innovation accelerator in Southeast Asia, partnered with leading enterprises such as AI and Robotic Ventures, a subsidiary of PTTEP , Krungsri Finnovate , a subsidiary of Bank of Ayudhya , Thairath , Enterprise Singapore , and the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) to organise RISE.AI Demo Day 2019, the first event to showcase AI innovations of 30 startups from across the world that have participated in the RISE.AI program, the first program in Southeast Asia to accelerate AI applications in corporations, with various start-ups and investors attending the event.

Dr. Supachai Pachariyanon, or Dr. Kid, RISE CEO and founder, said.

     Dr. Supachai Pachariyanon, or Dr. Kid, RISE CEO and founder, said that artificial intelligence (AI) is growing and creating significant impact on both business and society. This trend has urged many organisations to pay increased attention to the development of AI technology as its applications can help create new business opportunities which can bring about greater competitiveness and higher revenue for organisations. The RISE.AI program is a corporate AI accelerator program which collaborates with a network of partners from Southeast Asia and around the world. RISE has the expertise in applying AI to deliver concrete and practical innovative solutions for organisations by connecting innovative concepts with practical ideas to speed up development. AI technology will help organisations in the region better adjust their business strategies and improve their products and services for sustainable business growth and will also help enhance the potential and competitiveness of businesses amidst a changing global economy.

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"How Leading Corporates Accelerate Their Innovations with AI Startups"

     RISE.AI Demo Day 2019 aims to showcase AI innovations of the best-in-class startups from around the world who specialise in AI technology and to provide an opportunity for these startups to develop pilot projects with leading enterprises in the region. The 30 startup teams gained market traction by working closely with customers who are leading corporates in various sectors such as finance and banking, insurance, and energy and clean technology. Leading corporates in Thailand that have joined the RISE.AI program include AI and Robotic Ventures, a subsidiary of PTT Exploration and Production (PTTEP), Krungsri Finnovate, a subsidiary of Bank of Ayudhya, Thairath, Enterprise Singapore, and the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa). The 30 startups were from In addition, the event also awarded the Best Collaboration Award to the startup that has had the best collaboration with the participating enterprise and the Fan’s Favorite Award for the startup with the most votes from the participants.
     "In the future, artificial intelligence technology will become a major driving force for GDP growth in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The RISE.AI program will help organisations in the region better design their business strategies and enhance their products and services which will contribute to economic growth. The AI industry is growing and creating profound impact on business and society; therefore, organisations must be prepared to transform the way they conduct business and recreate the business landscape in order to allow organisations to compete in the global arena," concluded Dr. Supachai.

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