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OR ready to set sail to grow and prosper together with the Thai society and emerge as leading Thai global brand

     PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (OR) held a press conference, "TOGETHER FOR BETTERMENT” to announce the official launch of the company, where guests and media were warmly welcomed by OR’s management team led by Mr. Auttapol Rerkpiboon, Chairman of OR and Miss Jiraphon Kawswat, President and Chief Executive Officer of OR, at Gaysorn Urban Resort, Bangkok. 
Mr. Auttapol Rerkpiboon, Chairman of OR said.

     Miss Jiraphon revealed that “On 1 July 2018,  PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) restructured  business by having its oil business unit and related affiliated companies operated as a company under the name of PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (OR), positioned as a flagship company of PTT Group in oil and non-oil businesses in both domestic and international markets. Our vision is to be a world-class Thai brand that conducts business along with bringing benefits to the society and community, by uplifting the quality of life of Thai people and supporting local economy, both of which are fundamental to create shared value for all groups of stakeholders.” 

Miss Jiraphon Kawswat, President and Chief Executive Officer of OR said.

     OR consists of 3 main business groups; Oil Business, Non-Oil Business, and International Business, with Supporting Business established to help drive the three main business groups to efficiently achieve their strategic commercial goals. OR Oil Business is an industry leader with the highest share in Thailand’s overall oil market for over 26 years. Major components of OR Oil Business are PTT Stations, currently accounting for 1,850 locations nationwide; Lubricant products under PTT Lubricants brand which holds highest market share for 10 consecutive years and are distributed to more than 40 countries worldwide; Distribution of fuel and other energy products to customers in the Aerospace, Shipping and Industrial sectors; Distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to industrial, transportation and household customers under the PTT Cooking Gas brand, with primary focus on safety; 

     OR Non-Oil Business is the pioneer of retail and service businesses in gas station in Thailand.  Central to OR Non-Oil Business is Café Amazon, a widely-accepted lifestyle brand with more than 2,800 branches in Thailand. In addition, OR has diversified its retail business with a variety of products and services, including Jiffy, Pearly Tea, Texas Chicken, Hua Seng Hong Dim Sum, and FIT Auto. PTT Blue Card is OR’s essential membership program that creates consumer engagement and leads to the design and delivery of individualized customer experience, developed leveraging Big Data Analytics to gain customer insight.

     OR International Business brings successful domestic business models, including PTT Station, Café Amazon, Jiffy and FIT Auto, to outshine in international markets, with concept adjusted and modified to suit local consumers of each market. OR also supports Thai SMEs to expand their business and grow together in overseas markets. Currently OR has more than 280 PTT Station stations in Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines and Myanmar, over 200 branches of Cafe Amazon in Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan and Oman, as well as more than 70 branches of Jiffy and a widespread network of FIT Auto across Thailand.

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     OR operates business with a “Customer Focus” approach and adopts the concept of Social Inclusiveness to open up opportunities for all groups of stakeholders especially society and local communities and Thai SMEs, to take part in designing a business model that brings benefits to wherever we have our businesses. OR focuses on the development of innovation of products and services together with operating a prototype of such a business model designed by all stakeholders to ensure its commercial success. Then, OR allows an opportunity for Thai SMEs to invest and operate such a success business model. Consequently, more than 80% of PTT stations and Café Amazons business are invested and operated by OR’s dealers or OR’s franchisees.

     OR also operates its businesses in accordance with the Bio Circular Green (BCG) concept. OR is a leading player of Biodiesel B10 (B10) promoting  B10 to be the main diesel fuel of the country in order to support palm planters and also to reduce PM 2.5 air pollution. We endorse the use of bio-degradable cups and straws at Cafe Amazon. In addition, we initiate Yak Lak Yim campaign to raise consumers' awareness on environmental preservation and make waste separation a habit to be ready for recycling; and Café Amazon Up-Cycling program which transforms used materials in Café Amazon into furniture, accessories and interior decorating items. We promote using paper bags instead of plastic bags at Cafe Amazon and also initiates EV charging stations, sells EV car chargers, and produces electricity from solar panels installed on the roof of PTT Station Gas Stations

     In addition, OR focuses on the improvement of quality of life and local economy, so OR and partner organizations initiate Thai Det project aiming to help improve a local product quality, to create added value for local wisdom products as well as to expand the distribution channels for the qualified one. Thai Det strengthens the grassroot economy and supports local community enterprises to be self-reliant. Thai Det’s outstanding products are Krajood woven bags, Black garlic, and Padtai Poo khao fai.

     OR supports Thai farmers by providing space for selling agricultural products at PTT Stations, introduces a project to improve coffee bean planting and processing using an eco-friendly approach and buys coffee beans from farmers at a fair price through Sarn Palung Social Enterprise Co., Ltd.. Café Amazon for Chance program is set up to give employment opportunities for the underprivileged and promote equality.  

     With ‘Friendly Design’ concept applied, PTT Stations provide everyone with safe and convenient access to all areas, regardless of ages, genders and physical abilities. OR introduces “Restroom 20 Baht” project for charity, where all restroom fee is donated for charity, OR ASA Sarnsuk project to offer free haircut, massage and oil change for motorcycle, and an educating program on how to use cooking gas safely for local communities where OR operates business, and also endorses the ASEAN youth camp program (OR Seeding the Future ASEAN Camp) to support the skills development of the youths in the ASEAN countries where OR conducts business.
     “OR business creates more than 85,000 jobs for the country, and supports more than 3,800 Thai SMEs. We commit to growing together with Thai society and community and Thai SMEs, as well as supporting Thai SMEs to thrive and scale up in the global stage, and becoming a world-class Thai brand that brings pride to Thailand,“ concluded Miss Jiraphon.