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SACICT highlights Thai craftsmanship through digital archive

     The Suppport Arts and Crafts International Center of Thailand (SACICT) is promoting Thailand as the Southeast Asian hub of knowledge in arts and crafts through the Arts & Crafts Knowledge Centre, which incorporates a digital search system dubbed the SACICT Archive.
      Amphawan Pichalai, director of the SACICT, recently underlined SACICT’s commitment to conserving, continuing and building on Thai arts and crafts as well collecting knowledge, wisdom and adding to the value of Thai craftsmanship by modernizing it so it is more contemporary and suitable for everyday life. 
     “The SACICT Arts and Crafts Knowledge Centre is provides the full range of knowledge in arts and crafts through experiences from SACICT's exhibition halls, library and shops, as well as through modern technology platforms using a digital arts and crafts search system. The Centre is the best source of knowledge about handicrafts in Thailand and in the region and allows Thais from every sector to participate in and access information. The one-stop service includes an Exhibition Venue with six exhibition halls, namely the Arts and Crafts Hall, the Hall of Fame, the Suphanpat Hall, the International Handicraft Hall, the Nawatsilp Hall and the Khon Hall. The story of how Royal activities to promote arts and crafts in Thailand started is told and visitors are given a chance to experience precious products selected by SACICT,” she explains.

     “The SACICT Shop will showcase creative and inspirational handicraft products and artworks; the SACICT Library provides information on Thai arts and crafts through books, journals, publications and video media, while the SACICT Archive offers a comprehensive digital search from a database of crafts and artworks created by master artisans of Thailand, masters of craftsmanship, handicraft heirs and designers. Such information is valuable for education, research and historical reference. There are books and video media on arts and crafts that SACICT has prepared for communities and the general public to use for research from anywhere in the world.
     “Currently, SACICT has more than 600 media and provides information and knowledge on 5 categories, namely Thai master artisans and heirs, Thai handicrafts, arts and crafts villages, local museums and publications/videos.”

     The SACICT Archive is a system and database based on the national strategy which requires integration of in-depth information and Big Data. Data analytics can be effectively applied to satisfy the needs of each sector, starting from students who will appreciate the value of Thai arts and crafts and find them beneficial to their study and research, leading to the continuation and sustainability of Thai craftsmanship as well as turning the knowledge into new art and craft products.
Meanwhile art and craft producers, both the villagers and the communities, will be able to apply the knowledge for self-development and to their products, which will help create opportunities and networks, generate income and reduce inequality. 
     Consumers and the general public too will have better access to the arts and crafts that meet their needs in everyday life, thus supporting handicraft products and strengthening income distribution.

     Government agencies can utilise the Big Data for the country development and give support and assistance to the public sector, while investors and entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities in arts and crafts can use the information to their advantage in competing in Thai handicraft markets both domestically and internationally. 
     To access the archive, visit SACICT.or.th and click the SACICT Archive icon, 
The SACICT Arts & Crafts Knowledge Centre is located within the SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Center of Thailand in Bang Sai District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. It’s open daily from 8am to 5pm and admission is free. For more information, call 1289.