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Toyota Launches “Toyota Majesty” Live Beyond The Class

     Mr. Michinobu Sugata, President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., alongside Mr. Takuo Ishikawa, Chief Engineer of Toyota Motor Corporation, and Mr. Vudhigorn Suriyachantananont, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., co-presided over the Press Conference to introduce The All-New Toyota Majesty on 16 August 2019, at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Bangna.

First-Ever Experience with Toyota Majesty…Live Beyond The Class 
     Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd proudly introduced the latest luxury van “Toyota Majesty” as the high-end people mover that encapsulates the seamless reflection of pure perfection with its uniquely striking and sophisticated design. In addition, The Toyota Majesty offers a complete suite of best-in-class comfort and functionality for customers to enjoy while relaxing on the captain seat with electric massage function. The car comes with semi-bonnet style which contributes to ultimate peacefulness and quietness in the cabin, coupled with the newly developed suspension system that helps absorb unpleasant vibration and harshness from all road conditions, making everyone on board indulge in the sheer sense of joy in all journeys. The Toyota Majesty also provides Toyota's state-of-art and world-class active safety system through Toyota Safety Sense and has the B20 compatible GD engine. All these exceptional features make it the final answer for those seeking a luxury people mover that fulfills all kinds of superior lifestyles with perfection in virtually all aspects.

Mr. Michinobu Sugata, President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., unveiled, “Probably, many are wondering. ”What is Toyota Majesty?”, which sounds somewhat unfamiliar at this point in time. This is a successor model of Toyota Ventury, but the product-wise, completely different from and far beyond Ventury. That’s why we put a new name, “Toyota Majesty”.

“In Thailand, the demand for luxury vans has been quite persistent. Customers in this segment are looking for a personal mover to serve their daily lives as a position car in their business scene as well as a pleasure cruiser with their families or friends during the weekends. In the case of Toyota, some of those customers have been served by Alphard, our flagship luxury van, but unfortunately, our Alphard could not accommodate the majority of the customers due to its price. Therefore, today, I have a great pleasure of introducing to the public the Toyota Majesty as the new luxury but affordable commuter.
I would like everybody to see it, touch it, feel it, and hop in it. You will understand why we put the new name”.

Mr. Takuo Ishikawa, Chief Engineer of Toyota Motor Corporation, said “In recent years, we observed that due to the increasing demand for premium means of transportation, Luxury wagons have emerged as the preferred choice. Keeping customer voice in mind, we have developed a vehicle under the product concept of “Luxury Mover” We aim to provide a high quality comfortable mover to meet ever growing luxurious transport needs. These are the main benefits for our customers.
1. Luxury Design - Toyota Majesty projects a modern and sophisticated design that makes it stand out from the rest inside the cabin, customers can feel the high quality and gorgeous space that is expected of a Luxury Mover.
     2. Superior riding comfort – The superior riding comfort highlighted by its 2 Captain Seats and big seats. Additionally, the New Majesty’s Semi-bonnet design, ring frame structure and 4-link suspension ensures top class cabin quietness and comfort. While it’s 2.8 GD B20 Compatible Engine and 6AT Transmission guarantees a stress free driving experience with its smooth acceleration.
     3. Latest safety performance – The new Majesty is equipped with a wide range of safety specifications such as 9 Airbags, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Panoramic View Monitor. For top grade, Majesty Grande, it is equipped with the latest Toyota Safety Sense features such as Pre-Collision System, Lane departure alert, Auto High beam and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.
     4. Interior Equipment – The superb interior equipment with several convenience features such as Slide door, Push start, 7 USB ports, Sunshade, and personal reading lamp that will give you relaxation throughout the journey.
     5. Guaranteed QDR – All the key customers’ benefits that I have mentioned comes with Toyota’s highly dependable Quality, Durability and Reliability”

Mr. Vudhigorn Suriyachantananont, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd said, "Throughout the past 10 years, the sales volume of luxury vans has increased significantly. Customers look for a big vehicle that offers them excellent comfort. The target groups of these segments are;
     1. New Gen Families: Customers in this target group want to use the car for personal purpose and for their family. They mainly focus on cars with spacious cabin, great comfort, topnotch safety and superior value for money.
     2. Businesspersons & Top Executives: These customers want to use the car primarily for business purpose or as a position car. They want to own a car that comes with a sense of luxury and high level of comfort.

In order to satisfy the needs of customers, Toyota Majesty has been deliberately designed and developed to be the ultimate luxury van that represents elegant look with premium quality, as well as a complete list of cutting-edge functions that provide the greatest comfort similar to what can be experienced in Toyota Alphard, for instance Captain Seats and a wide variety of useful functions for ultimate on-road comfort. Meanwhile, developed under the concept of "Ever-Better Car", The Toyota Majesty is fully equipped with Toyota Safety Sense, offering the most outstanding and best-in-class active safety features in the market to date. Safety is firmly assured with the 9 airbags, rear cross traffic alert, and panoramic view, all of which have been thoroughly developed in an attempt to create peace of mind for both the driver and passengers. With the uniquely impressive features, The Toyota Majesty is in the limelight for its stunning design, exceptional comfort and first-rate safety standard. This is why we decide to come up with the slogan “Live beyond the Class” for the communication of The Toyota Majesty. For this model, we set the monthly sales target at 300 units."

Mr. Vudhigorn Suriyachantananont concluded, "For customers who are interested in The Toyota Majesty, you can contact to test drive at Toyota Driving Experience Park (TDEX) located on the 3rd km. of Bangna-Trat road, or get updated news and information through all of Toyota's communication channels and dealers nationwide."

Indulge in the ultimate experience of Living Beyond The Class
brought to you by “Toyota Majesty”

Available in 2 shades:
      White Pearl
      Black Mica 

With the selection of 3 variants:
      Grande 2,199,000 THB
      Premium 1,899,000 THB
      Standard 1,709,000 THB

*The price is inclusive of standard equipment and special accessories.
** Extra charge of 15,000 THB is incurred for While Pearl

Experience The Toyota Majesty at Toyota Dealers Nationwide.
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