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dtac launches ‘Jaidee Jaek Suk’, Thailand’s first prepaid CRM campaign

  • Prepaid customers, who normally switch to other operators within 3-6 months after SIM registration, will be rewarded for their loyalty in a major customer relationship management (CRM) first for Thailand.
  • 20 million baht in prizes to encourage dtac’s 15 million prepaid consumers to benefit from the full benefits of the dtac application.
August 7, 2019 – dtac has launched a new customer relationship management (CRM) campaign, Jaidee Jaek Suk (“kindness brings giving”), to build a sustainable relationship between dtac and its prepaid customers. The campaign promotes long-term value for customers as per the jaidee (kindness) commitment of the dtac brand. In a first for Thailand, it rewards prepaid customers with loyalty benefits tailored to them.
Insights into dtac prepaid marketing strategies
Mr. How Lih Ren, Chief Marketing Officer, Total Access Communication Public Company Limited or dtac, said, “dtac will never stop developing and creating services to meet customers’ needs by the in-depth study of customers’ problems and demands.” He outlined three key points:

  1. Knowing real customer needs
dtac’s study on prepaid customers’ pain points and behavior revealed two major trends:
  • Prepaid customers usually terminate the services only 3-6 months after the SIM activations. They believe that they will gain more benefits with new SIM registrations that come with cheaper calling and data charges, including premiums, in the first months of subscription. 
  • Prepaid customers feel that even when they have been with an operator for many years, they rarely receive any privileges or benefits from the company. In the case of dtac, they do appreciate the Birthday Free Call and Jaidee services, especially Jaidee Emergency Refill, which cannot be found from other operators. But they also think it would be nice if they can have enjoy privileges every day, not only when they make a refill.
  1. Providing a digital experience to prepaid customers
Currently, about 440,000 of dtac’s 14.3 million prepaid subscribers use a dtac application for online self-services. dtac believes more customers could enjoy a digital experience via the dtac application since it brings more convenience, services and rewards. dtac has set the goal of 1 million prepaid users of the dtac application within 6 months from now. 

  1. Delivering value to customers
The ‘Jaidee Jaek Suk’ campaign delivers incremental value to customers the longer and more often they interact with dtac. There are sweepstakes and reward activities accessible via the dtac application. For example, for every 50 baht spent, a customer will receive one in-app dtac logo propeller. Three propellers can be redeemed for a prize. And a single propeller can be used to enter a lucky draw every two weeks. The campaign is valid from August 1, 2019 until January 31, 2020.
What do customers get from the ‘Jaidee Jaek Suk’ campaign?
  • Prepaid customers can redeem their accumulated usage balance for an in-appdtac propeller that can later be exchanged for privileges via the dtac application. The longer customers stay with dtac, the more propellers they get.
  • For every 50 baht spent, customers with a usage period of over 3 years will receive double the propellers. Prizes can be redeemed every day and big prizes will be drawn bi-weekly without any refills or usage required on that day.
  • The campaign addresses the problem of a customer running out of credit as their collected propellers can also be redeemed for free calling minutes or free internet.
  • Customers also receive extra propellers on their birthday or other special occasions. By making at least 5 consecutive daily log ins to the dtac application, customers will receive extra propellers every month.
  • No purchases required. To participate, customers just have to download the dtacapplication and hold an active dtac account. In-app propellers will be awarded daily to active customers. Big prizes, worth over 20 million baht, are drawn every two weeks throughout six months.
Details of ‘dtac Jaidee Jaek Suk’ campaign
Step 1
  • The campaign is open to dtac prepaid customers who complete the online registration via the dtac application.
  • For every 50 baht spent on calling, add-on promotion, SMS, and online stickers – balance refill excluded – customers will receive 1 propeller. Those with a usage period of over 3 years will receive two propellers.
Step 2
  • A propeller can be used for a chance to win big prizes every two weeks. These consist of gold bullion worth 200,000 baht each, gold necklaces, Yamaha GT125 motorcycles, Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphones, and Tesco Lotus gift vouchers. Total prizes are worth over 17 million baht. Lucky winners will be announced on the dtac application and http://dtac.co.th/s/jdjs.
  • Three propellers can be used to redeem a daily prize, such as Blizzard ice cream from Dairy Queen, a donut, free internet, free calling, or special discounts on favorite add-on promotions. These daily prizes are worth over 3 million baht.
  • Propellers can be earned and redeemed for prizes during August 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020.
  • The daily and bi-weekly prizes are worth over 20 million baht in total.