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GIFFARINE’s Online Marketing in 2H For Sale Growth of Hya Series

GIFFARINE has developed online marketing system in the second half of 2019 to accommodate the rising demands of consumers via social media. Giffarine Hya Intensive Whitening Pre-serum is the product that meets consumer preference together with three other products in the Hya Series. Their combined sales in the first half of the years totaled more than 600,000 pcs. representing 7% growth.
According to Dr.Nalinee Paiboon, MD., President of the Company, direct sale business outlook in 2019 is adapting towards strategies responsive to  rising market demands, increasing business transactions, and expanding online marketing channels. For the first half of 2019, Giffarine enjoyed a growth rate of 7%-thanks to the new introduction of Giffarine Hya Intensive Whitening Pre-serum in February 2019 together with three more items of the same series, namely, Giffarine Hya 3D Complex Lotion, 3D Complex Cream, and Giffarine Hya Booster Sleeping Mask. All these products are available in the market and achieves the anticipated rising sales. To-date, the company has accomplished projected sales very well. 
We have allocated a total of Baht 100 million for this marketing campaign through such channels as online-offline media and out of home media. Giffarine marketing strategy for the second half of 2019 calls for training our business members focusing on their intensive network expansion. The goal is to enhance sale growth through the potentials of Giffarine’s online sales and expansion of distribution channels. Furthermore, we expect to increase the number and types of sale channels, become more aggressive in online business, and receptive to the changing market demands of consumers. Moreover, Giffarine is committed to strengthening its brand value, introducing new products into the marketplace, and expanding online communication channels through social media.