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CPF CEO emphasizes "Innovative Kitchen of the World" and leadership

(4 July 2019) Charoen Pokphand Foods PLC (CPF)’s top executive vows to support the company’s vision “Kitchen of the World” with new technology and innovation, along with internal organizational management that highlights “leadership at all levels”. 
Mr.Prasit Boonduangprasert, Chief Executive Officer of CPF, said: “CPF has a clear vision to be the kitchen of the world. Amid emerging management challenges in the digital era, we must adopt the best and most advanced technology for the best output, to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders. Governing this is our commitment to the “3-Benefits” principle.” 
A key strategy to drive the organization in the Industry 4.0 era concerns the adoption of innovation towards sustainability, to add the value of CPF’s business and all products. Focus is placed on technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and automation, which will be applied in lifting and connecting the supply chain.  Areas of development include Smart Farm-Smart Factory as well as digital marketing and e-commerce channels, to raise customer satisfaction and support changes in consumer behavior.   
“Modern innovation and technology will further increase added value and CPF’s competitiveness in Thailand and in the global stage. We have been successful in the researches on animal feeds, breeds, and edible food. We have ably created new food innovations such as Benja Chicken; and “Smart” health-oriented series which include Smart Soup for patients and the elderly, Smart Meal for vegetarians and Smart Drink. These food and beverages perfectly address today consumers’ appetites. Our world-class RD Center is so efficient to support CPF’s continuous launch of food innovations to the world,” Mr. Prasit said. 
Regarding global concerns about environmental sustainability, CPF has applied the circular economy principle in achieving environmental sustainability and sending least negative impacts on the world’s resources. The principle highlights efficient use of natural resources, zero waste, and recycling throughout the production line. CPF’s actions in mitigating climate change impacts include the sustainable sourcing project, the solar rooftop project, CPF Coal Free 2023 project, the green farm project, and the sustainable packaging project.  

Human resource development will be the key in driving organizational growth. CPF promises an environment where all employees are encouraged to express creative ideas and take on new challenges that will benefit themselves, customers, communities and etc. Such environment so-called “Leadership at all level” will promote leadership and create valuable resources, necessary for the organization’s future leap. 

CPF will become and remain “Kitchen of the World” thanks to its solid safe food process; traceability in the feed-farm-food areas; the vast business network that covers investment in 17 countries and distribution in over 50 countries; and management strategies for the digital era.
Mr. Prasit added that CPF will further operate under the “3-Benefits” principle which has been exercised for a decade, emphasizing the benefit of the country’s CPF invests in; benefit of people; and benefit of the organization. The goal is to lead the organization towards a responsible and transparent growth path and good governance and maintain CPF’s glory.