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depa invites the media to visit the EEC area to show their success project of transforming communities and enterprises into digital organization.

Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) leads the media into the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) in order to monitor the success of projects transforming communities and enterprises into digital organizations. As well as studying the progress of using digital technology and innovation in business or industry to improve their Product development, Production processes, Services and Marketing area for upgrading capabilities effectively and added value both agricultural and industrial sectors which was supported by depa.
Dr. Natthaphon Nimmanacharin , President/ CEO of Digital Economy Promotion agency said that as depa has measures to promote and support digital entrepreneurs by providing support and funds, therefore, led the media team to visit entrepreneurs and startup groups that were funded and subsidized Digital transformation fund ,Digital coupons and  Mini transformation voucher at Suksomboon Palm Oil Industry Co., Ltd., which  manufacturer and distributor of palm oil and Tevada Corp Co., Ltd., an expert in agricultural unmanned aircraft technology (Drone) for a demonstration of the use of digital technology and the ways of using digital technology in business management to efficiency developing.

Mr. Chatchai Khunpitiluck 
Senior Executive Vice President/Digital Economy Unit (depa)
Tevada Corp Co., Ltd. Chachoengsao province based, is a start-up company that uses unmanned aircraft technology or Drone for a complete range of services such as a High precision agriculture and Intelligent Air Transport. Where they have an expertise in a Small aircraft, Unmanned aircraft systems as well as Electrical systems, Electronics and Software in the UAV for over 14 years. Providing agricultural drones services, including drones for various liquid spraying, Drone sowing seeds, Drone sowing fertilizer and drone to explore plant health by camera Multispectral. Moreover, the company also provides Plant health analysis services with drones, Agricultural measuring instruments, Weather station monitoring service to keep the ambient weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, wind direction, air pressure and others to be used as a data analysis for plant care together with Software and Cloud Server systems to use. Which including a comprehensive agricultural management program, Farm style, and Air transportation system development services with drones. Which depa granted a scholarship of the depa mini transformation voucher project.
Suksomboon Palm Oil Company Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of palm oil that uses digital technology to apply in their business. Through the Palm Oil  and Plant Management System, RSPO and Intelligent Transportation Digital Platform: Smart RSPO Palm Oil Plantation and Logistic Management through the Suksomboon application provider using for Palm Plant Management from upstream to downstream by managing  in area of  maintenance  garden, cutting production, summarizing the amount of production and forecasting the next production cycle by using a smart phone to store data in the palm tree ,which farmers have to walk to the palm tree and print information through the application. Various information will be collected before being sent to the central HUB at the company's head office. With digital technology that the company uses in their business help solve the problem for the farmers in many areas such as lacking record of palm plantation management, problems with the extraction plant, lacking of (FFB) raw material input to the production system and can also help farmers to receive higher returns since they be able to control the cost of palm production to be lower and also reduce labor costs at the same time. Which was funded by depa under the depa digital transformation fund project.