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“PTG” Releases a Knockout Revamped “PT Max Card” Partnering with over 100 Famous Brands to Connect all Lifestyles in One Card

PTG Energy Public Company Limited or PTG, a leader in providing comprehensive energy business services, rolls out a strategy to get customers all across the nation hooked by partnering with various leading stores and well-known brands to release a new “PT Max Card”. This membership card offers high rewards and suits all lifestyles for customers under the concept “Connecting Life’s Benefit”
Mr. Pitak Ratchakitprakarn, President & Chief Executive Officer of PTG Energy Public Company Limited, or PTG, PT patrol station provider, revealed that during the past years, we have been dedicating ourselves in business development along with having in-depth access to and understanding of customers to become number one brand in customers’ mind. We believe that business can grow strongly and sustainably with the support of consumers who choose to enjoy all aspects of our services. As such, PT emphasizes on customer service development to enhance customer satisfaction. In 2019, PT launched the new “PT Max Card” which comes up with ability of collecting and swapping points with PT’s business partners making the new “PT Max Card” not only be used for collecting points at PT patrol stations but also for connecting all lifestyles in one card under the concept “Connecting Life’s Benefit.” By running activities across PT Max Card’s platform, our collaboration with over 100 strong partners under this concept offers a new dimension on a comprehensive service and is truly the key to consumer lifestyles.

The highlight of the brand new “PT Max Card” is the ease of application process, the ability to collect and redeem points, along with various benefits and rewards that suit their current lifestyles. We believe that after the launch of the revamped “PT Max Card”, the number of members will increase to 12.5 million members.This will target more new consumers in urban area. At the same

time, existing membership card holders would be pleased to know that PT is providing the most comprehensive and continuous increased benefits.

“According to the statistics each month, members use PT Max Cards at the patrol stations almost 75%, which is a highly satisfactory figure. We believe that after launching the redesigned “PT Max Card”, both oil and non-oil PTG services will increase. Partners with connected cards will definitely benefit from the increased number of users as well,” said Pitak.  

The new “PT Max Card” provides 4 types of benefits.
  1. Privilege: Corporation with over 100 partners where points can be redeemed for even more benefits such as Centara, McDonald, Zen Group, Major, SE-ED, Dunkin Donut.
  2. Point Exchange: By connecting membership cards with our partners, points can be swapped to other membership cards that are in agreement like The1, True, K bank, KTC, and KCC; thus, offering members more benefits.
  3. Business Partner:  A new dimension of service where members no longer have to carry many cards at the same time. PT Max Cards can be 100% fully connected to collect and exchange points, enabling an easier experience and an even more comprehensive service like Lamina.
  4. Customize:  PT Max Card point can be collected by participating in many interesting campaigns from partners like Viriyah Insurance, We Chef.
Today there should be more alternatives for Thais, and when those alternatives are created, there is bound to be a better opportunity. PT is fully committed to providing the service and being the best choice for Thais with our heart of business: PT Go For Max,” Pitak said in closing.
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