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“BMF 2019” is launching the exclusive promotion with 16 motorcycle brands celebrating the beginning of 2nd decade! Expected over 500 bikes sales including accessories – collectible products make the spending more than 500 million baht.

"Bangkok Motorbike Festival 11th” invested more than 15 million baht to create the festive atmosphere specially for bikers, with 16 leading motorcycle brands send their latest - popular models offering exclusive campaign for the entering to 2nd decade of the show! 90 booths of accessories and apparel retail stores offer special deal, which will be held between February, 13th – 17th 2019 at CentralwOrld shopping center. Expected over 500 bikes sales create total spending more than 500 million baht and over 1 million visitors.
Mr. Nattapon Trinathy Managing Director, Cycle Culture Show Co., Ltd the host of Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2019 or BMF 2019 the greatest motorcycle festival in Southeast Asia, organized under the concept of "Ride Identities : reflections of riders identity sponsored by CentralwOrld shopping center, PTT Public Company Limited, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), NIA : National Innovation Agency of Thailand and various business sectors. This year, 16 leading motorcycle brands participated the festival such as Kawasaki, HARLEY-DAVIDSON, BMW, Suzuki, Honda Cub house, BENELLI, YAMAHA, TRIUMPH RAMA9, MV AGUSTA, ROYAL ENFIELD, BCM, Indian Motorcycle, Ural Motorcycles, Victory Motorcycles, and Zero Engineering including over 90 accessories and apparel booths of 40 leading brands of Thailand and foreign entrepreneurs attending the festival.
“BMF 2019” taking area of 10,000 square meters both inside and in front of CentralwOrld shopping center which invested more than 15 million baht to create the greatest festival in ASEAN and the top list festival for Bikers. Moreover, the festival features the custom bike zone, Motorcycle Club zone, "Bangkok Custom Bike competition", workshop activities, talk show, and motorcycle parking area that supports more than 300 motorcycles to fulfill those who enthusiasm for motorcycle.
A decade of exhibition (BMF) has grown up together with big bike market (400 cc and over) which popular and high growth rate. In year 2018, big bike market has 13% growth rate or 31,000 motorcycles sale (approximate 27,000 motorcycles sale on 2017) although it was missed the target of 18% as manufacturers have expected but still has high continuous growth rate. As well as 2019, the overview of the big bike market growth 13-14% and Motorcycle brands including entrepreneurs have confirmed to offer special promotion, interest rate, various giveaway, discounts and special prices only in the festival. Expected more than 500 motorcycles sale and 1 million visitors include accessories and apparel collections sale that will makes total spending money more than 500 million baht.
For the big bike trends of 2019 there will be growth rate in all segments. Whether a sport bike or adventure bike as a positive factor from the world-famous racing program MOTO GP and big bike trend to fulfill the lifestyle of the riders”
“Remarkable is the market of accessories, apparel collections and many activities that can satisfy the riding lifestyle which will be more vigorous this year. So, we upgrade and increase the concentration of activities that meet the lifestyle of riders over the past year, such as a technical workshop with TingNote - Thitipong Warokorn famous motorcycle racer of Thailand or Bangkok Custom Bike Competition, the contest for Thai designers and the opportunity to create accessories brand and products to be recognized internationally level. Our exclusive invited Japanese custombike guru Mr. Shinya Kimura, who famed in the United States behind a Custom bike for Hollywood celebrity such as Brad Pitt and the founder of Zero Engineering which appeared in Iron Man movies-Tony Stark's garage. He will share experience and brilliant ideas to create a unique custombike to participants to improve their businesses. While foreign entrepreneurs such as Japan and Taiwan also attended the festival in addition to joining sells products and exchange experiences and create the business to business negotiations (B2B) are expected to be more than 10 million baht of value in this section.”
Visitors can enjoy various activities and take a photo with the Festival logo or our mascot, Thai Giant, then post on social media with #BMF2019 and then presented to redeem special gift at Bangkok Motorbike Festival's PR Booth.
“Bangkok Motorbike Festival 11th” (Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2019) will be held between February, 13th – 17th 2019 at CentralwOrld shopping center with free entry!!