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ORIGIN Celebrates 10th Year By Launching “The Origin” To Capture New Gen, Raising “Empathy” Concept And Appointing “Sunny” As Brand Ambassador

(Bangkok – 28 January 2019) – Origin Property Plc launches a new brand “The Origin” to capture the new generation customers and reflect its positioning. It also raise “Empathy” concept to support Smart Products and Excellent Services in every business together with announcing a new Brand Ambassador “Sunny” to boost the customer awareness and create sustainable growth. In 2019, it plans to kick off new projects worth more than 26 billion baht as well as opens two hotels in the year’s end and targets the sales volume of 28 billion baht and total revenue of over 19 billion baht.
Mr.Peerapong Jaroon-ek, Chief Executive Officer of Origin Property Plc (ORI), the fully-integrated property developer, said that the company’s business plan has been adjusted to align with the overall market in 2019.  It plans to launch new projects this year under three main brands, which are 1. PARK ORIGIN – the brand for condominiums. Target Young Rich & Success with the ages between 30-45 years, who prefer having lifestyle in CBD and New CBD. The price ranges between 4-6 million baht per unit. 2. The Origin – the brand for condominium. Target first jobbers and first home buyers, aged between 24-28 years, who have the idea of Smart Finance and believe in turning their rental cost into assets by looking for the condominiums along the mass transit routes in EBD area. The price ranges between 1.6-2.4 million baht per unit, and 3. Britania – the brand for horizontal development projects including townhomes, twin houses and single-detached houses with Smart Design. Target family starters, aged between 28-45 years. The price ranges between 2.5-6 million baht per unit.  

“Due to our market research and creativity in products and services development, we are confident that the clear brand segmentation and the right price point in each target group will enable us to ride on the changing wave in property development industry, which is encountering the big change from Macro Prudential Policy of the Bank of Thailand,” said Mr.Peerapong.

However, the company’s core strength is Empathy. Every of the company’s businesses understands the customers’ demand in each category very well, so it further utilizes ‘empathy’ in two topics which are 1. Smart Products – to develop every product to have better functions and use smart technology to fulfill and satisfy customers’ demand. 2. Excellent Services – to deliver the best services in response to new generation customers’ demand and grow the right service mindset to every staff.

Mr.Peerapong added that the company has made a surprise to the property development industry by introducing its new Brand Ambassador ‘Sunny Suwanmethanont’, the Thai superstar who has a Romantic Comedy character. Sunny will present the different characters of each of Origin’s brands while fostering the image of Smart Products and Excellent Services to customers. The first advertisement is set to be launched on February 1.
Brand Ambassador ‘Sunny Suwanmethanont’

In 2018, the company recorded 27.5 billion baht in total sales. It targets to launch the property projects for sales worth over 26 billion baht in 2019, comprising 1. Park Origin – three projects in Rachathewi, Rama 4 and new CBD, worth 9 billion baht. 2. The Origin – seven projects in Sukhumvit, Ratchada, Ladproa, Ramkamhaeng and Ramindra areas, worth 9 billion baht. 3. Origin District Rayong – a mixed-use project worth 2 billion baht and 4. Britania – four projects worth 6 billion baht. The company projects a total sales from both existing and new projects at 28 billion baht. Meanwhile, the recurring income business plans to launch two new hotels. The company is confident that each of its businesses will grow and generate the income from more channels and targets the total revenue will reach 19 billion baht this year.
Mrs.Supaluk Chanpitak, Chief Executive Officer of Origin House Co., Ltd, the horizontal residential development firm under Origin’s group, said it will push the horizontal projects under Britania brand to be one of Origin’s flagship businesses this year. The first advertisement with Brand Ambassador will help reflect the different image of Britania brand and boost the awareness among its customers, which will support this brand to grow aggressively in the future.

“The empathy in Origin’s horizontal residential business has offered both Smart Products and Excellent Services in the locations on the main road so that residents can commute to the city conveniently and live in the zone with a high growth of employment particularly the eastern Bangkok, Bangna and EEC. We can measure our customers’ impression from the successful sales of three new projects in pre-event during last Christmas. The three newly-launched projects, comprising Britania Megatown Bangna, Britania Bangna Km.12, and Britania Wongwaen-Hathairat, achieved 1 billion baht of sales within a week, marking a new phenomenon in the presale event of housing projects,” said Mrs.Supaluk.
Mrs.Kamonwan Wipulakorn, Chief Executive Officer of One Origin Co., Ltd, the recurring business arm under Origin’s umbrella, said the year 2019 will be seen the success in its expansion. The constructions of five hotels that were announced earlier are being built in a fast pace especially Staybridge Suites Bangkok Thonglor and Holiday Inn & Suites Sriracha that the progress go ahead the plan. Both hotels are expected to commence the operation in the fourth quarter of this year and start to generate the recurring income for the company. Meanwhile, it plans to launch two new projects, which are a hotel in Bangkok and a mixed-use project in Rayong, in 2019. The latter has high demand from the development of U-Tapao airport and Smart Park in Map Ta Phut which will be a new center of EEC.

“Demand for hotels in Thailand keeps growing because Thailand remains the world’s important destination for both tourism and business. As we understand business and customers’ demands as well as cooperate with the global management chain, we can create Smart Products and are confident to deliver the Excellent Services to our customers,” said Mrs. Kamonwan.
Mr.Thana Torsahakul, Chief Executive Officer of Primo Service Solution Co., Ltd, the service management arm in Origin’s group, said that Primo Service Solution is an important business unit that delivers Excellent Services and Smart Brokerage to every group of customers such as those in the property for sales. With the group’s vision, the company does not focus only on selling but it would rather deliver the best experience of living to customers.

“Insight of the young generation is that they’ve grown up in the families that pay attention to them and have someone do everything for them. When they move to condominiums or new houses, they request the best services in every certain period of their lives. Therefore, the full services of Primo is the excellent services that fulfill the happiness of their living,” said Mr.Thana.

Primo provides the full after-sales services through six subsidiaries and delivers excellent services as it is the first company in Thailand that the services meet ISO 9001 standard for both Property Management and Home Service. BUTLER, the company’s mobile service application, also gathers every useful service in one application. In 2019, Primo targets to offer such special services not only to Origin’s customers but to every residential projects under any brands as Living Partner.

Origin Property Public Company Limited has operated a wide range of business, comprising 1. Residential Development Business. It has developed 51 condominium and housing projects under the brands of PARK ORIGIN, KnightsBridge, Notting Hill, Kensington and Britania, worth over 84 billion baht in total. 2. Recurring Income Business such as hotel, apartment and retail 3. Service Business such as property management, property brokerage and property consultancy. Meanwhile, the company has continuously expanded into new businesses to serve its vision of being the fully-integrated property developer.