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Tourism Authority of Thailand presents the new WE LOVE LOCAL campaign to support Thai community tourism for the corporate market, featuring 10 CEOs to promote 10 collections comprising 50 different communities.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), in collaboration with alliances in from the public and private sectors, presents the launch of the new WE LOVE LOCAL campaign to support tourism in local Thai communities around the country. The project has been designed to cater to various demands of the corporate market in Thailand and abroad. Our guests of honor include 10 CEOs from different organizations who’ll be helping to present the CEO LOVE LOCAL campaign promoting 10 collections of local communities.
Mr. Noppadon Pakprot TAT Deputy Governor for Domestic Marketing. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), stated that “travelling to communities, or the “going local experience”, is a popular tourism trend all around the world right now, including in Thailand.” These trips aren’t limited to solo travelers or independent tourists either, with more and more companies and organizations becoming interested in taking part in the range of fun, educational activities available at these new destinations, especially in lesser-known areas of Thailand.  This increasing desire for “local experiences” in the corporate market is an excellent sign for local community tourism because the corporate market has greater purchasing power, as well as fewer limitations in terms of the seasons to travel compared with other markets. However, as the size and dynamics of each company differs, so do their demands and interests regarding corporate trips. Therefore, the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s new WE LOVE LOCAL campaign provides both variety and flexibility for this particular market, with 50 local communities to choose from. These destinations have all been categorized in terms of their unique characteristics, identities and main tourist activities, making the difficult task of corporate tourism planning for organizations much easier – and rewarding. This year, we have created 10 collections comprising 50 communities, which consist of;

  1. The King’s Wisdom community collection
  2. GI product community collection (GI -Geographical Indications )
  3. Cultural community collection
  4. Highlander community collection
  5. Agro-tourism community collection
  6. Thai fabric community collection
  7. Gastronomic community collection
  8. Eco adventure community collection
  9. Homestay travel community collection
  10. School and family outing community collection
Apart from these 10 community collections, the event also offers travel packages to local destinations from some of the county’s leading local tourism companies, such as Local Alike, Siam Rise Travel, Friday Trip, Tour Merng Tai, TKT Ecotour, RSP Jumbo Travel & Events, and Satun CPS Travel, with over 20 packages and special offers from Nok Air, Avis Car Rental as well as hotel deals from traveligo.com. These local collaborations will provide discounts for corporate organizations planning to travel to any of the featured local communities this year.
Companies and organizations that are interested in participating in any activity in one of the local communities can find more information at www.weLoveLocal.travel.
The Deputy Governor also announced that the launch of the CEO LOVE LOCAL campaign aims to further boost the trend and inspire corporate groups to travel to local communities. The CEO LOVE LOCAL campaign features honorable CEOs from organizations from both the public and private sectors as presenters to promote communities from each collection.

  1. Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn , Governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand to promote The King’s philosophy communities.
  2. Mr. Thosapone Dansuputra, Director-General of the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce to promote GI product communities.
  3. Mrs. Kessuda Raiva, CEO of S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited to promote agro-tourism communities.
  4. Mrs. Suphajee Suthumpun, CEO of Dusit Thani Groups Public Company Limited to promote highlander communities.
  5. Mr. Piya Yodmani, Former CEO of Nok Airlines Public Company Limited to promote cultural communities
  6. Mr. Vana Bulbon, CEO of UOB Asset Management (Thailand) Public Company Limited to promote Thai fabrics communities
  7. Mr. Chih – Hung Lin, Director and COO of KGI Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited to promote gastronomic communities.
  8. Mr.Apisilp Trunganont, Co-founder and CTO of pantip.com to promote eco adventure communities.
  9. Mr.Yod Chinsupakkul, Executive Director and one of the founders of wongnai.com to promote homestay communities.
  10. Ms. Pimpat Yomnak, Board Member of Bangkok Prep International School to promote school & family communities.
The Deputy Governor, concluded that we are confident that the WE LOVE LOCAL campaign will allow corporate groups to learn more in-depth about the local communities, and encourage corporate groups to ignite new ideas to host more activities and trips at the local communities in Thailand. We aim for the WE LOVE LOCAL campaign to generate 1 Million Baht in revenue for each community within 1 year after the campaign is launched. The Tourism Authority of Thailand invites all interested companies and organizations to join this event to create more opportunities, stimulate the economy, and distribute more wealth and income to the communities in order to make them stronger and sustainable on their own.
If any staff member from the Human Resources or Corporate Social Responsibility department of any organization is interested in planning an activity in any of the WE LOVE LOCAL communities and would like to take a survey trip to the actual destination, then please register with the campaign at welovelocal.corporate@gmail.com   to receive a discount voucher of 1,000 baht. This coupon can be put towards accommodation fees in any province included in the campaign that you travel to. This special offer is only valid for the first 100 organizations that register by this September.