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BodyConscious to host free seminar for people wishing to lose weight with evidence-based therapies and practical advice

Saturday, 4th August, 2018, at Y Wellness, Column Tower Sukhumvit 16. Places allocated on a first come first served basis. Email: info@ywellnessbkk.com or call 02 302 2861
Bangkok - “Weight Loss that Works” is an exclusive seminar hosted by a specialist team of cross-disciplinary doctors and professional coaches at BodyConscious, a holistic weight loss and body improvement centre. The event, which is free to join and will present guidelines for an essential first step on any weight loss or health improvement program, will be held on Saturday 4th August, 2018, from 14:00–16:00 hrs, at BodyConscious at Y Wellness, Column Tower, Sukhumvit 16 (next to Foodland).

BodyConscious has created Bangkok’s most leading-edge integrated weight management and wellness facility, helping clients transform their weight loss journey from within a stunning centre in Sukhumvit Soi 16. Seminar attendees will learn how to get the most effective results for weight loss in the shortest time.

Guests are invited to join the BodyConscious seminar absolutely free of charge, and can reserve a place in advance to benefit from a range of complimentary services (TCM Analysis, Posture Analysis, Fitness and Mini Wellness Consultation) featured within the seminar. Call 02 302 2861, or email info@ywellnessbkk.com directly to book an appointment.


About Body Conscious at Y Wellness

BodyConscious at Y Wellness, an integrated fitness and wellness solution for a happier and healthier life, provides effective and proven programs for long-term weight loss and permanent health improvement via treatments and educational tools. Y Wellness is located in Column Tower, Sukhumvit Soi 16.

Doctors at BodyConscious focus on functional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathic practices and advanced postural/mobility analyses with 3D body imaging. The team guides guests through knowledge-sharing on how to improve their overall look, vitality and health condition with easy-to-adopt practices. Guests benefit from expert nutritional guidance, and may optionally add colonics, IV infusions, infra-red sauna, ‘Fast-track to fitness’ packages, Chinese medicine and spa treatments.

Call today for a free consultation (Thailand) on 02 302 2861, or email info@ywellnessbkk.com directly to book an appointment.