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Highlighting the Ultimate Audio Technology
To Meet Music Listening Lifestyle of Consumers in Every Segment
RTB sets target for 2018 to boost sales by 40%, following successful launch of quality headphones from Japan “Audio Technica” occupying music lovers and music composers throughout Thailand, tapping into the new market by expanding to consumer group, shaking up the headphones market at full course introducing 5 latest series offering advanced audio technology to cater to all segment coverage, creating brand and emphasizing online channel to ensure robust growth at year end.
Dr. Banphot Vatanasombut, Managing Director of RTB Technology Co., Ltd., disclosed “Since RTB introduced the headphones innovation Audio Technica, the leading headphones brand from Japan greatly accepted by worldwide partners for over 50 years and recording highest sales in Japan for 9 consecutive years, in 2015, the Audio Technica headphones have expanded to musicians, music composers and music listeners on a continual basis.  The sales experienced a 35% growth in 2017 due to ongoing commitment to developing and offering latest headphone innovation to the market as well as the dedicated Headphone R&D team to develop headphones accurately satisfying demand of target group.
Thanks to success in the past year, RTB will accelerate growth of Audio Technica headphones by expanding to consumer group.  The new series of Audio Technica this year is developed to meet lifestyle of consumers in various segments, rather than only focusing on professional group like before.  The consumer segments represent significant growth opportunity in line with growth trend of new generation music listeners. In addition, consumer behavior most likely prefers high definition of sound quality.  Regarding the plan to penetrate consumer market, RTB will introduce innovation that meets lifestyle of music listening in every segment as well as building awareness and great experience of the Audio Technica brand among target groups together with distribution more through online channel.  
Ms.Vimolmaln Vatanasombut, Chief Marketing Officer of RTB Technology Co., Ltd., said “In the previous year, RTB experienced remarkable success introducing 2 new models of wireless headphones Audio Technica in “SR Series” (Sound Reality Series) including ATH-DSR9BT and ATH-DSR7BT, featuring world’s first 100% digital Bluetooth headphones offering state-of-the-art technology Pure Digital Drive completely digitizing from original sound source to speaker drivers without analog transformation like other Bluetooth speakers, and, therefore, making the headphones to drive sound from original without distortion.

To deliver music listening experience for every group of consumers, RTB has unveiled 5 Series of Headphones innovation comprising ANC Series, Solid Bass Series, Street Monitoring S200BT, Sport Series and CKR Series. The 5 Series come with advanced audio technology to ensure best music experience for listeners and perfectly satisfy demand of new generation with diverse lifestyle in all segments.

The latest 5 Series of Headphones from “Audio Technica” for 2018
ANC Series
  • ATH-ANC700BT is the over-ear Bluetooth headphones come with Active Noise Cancelling system to allow music lovers to indulge on full taste of music even in the environment surrounded by disturbing noise.  Easy to use with touch control, high quality wireless connection aptX to deliver Hi-Res sound in luxury body design and the battery supports continual use up to 25 hours (on Bluetooth mode and ANC), the ATH-ANC700BT is available for 7,990 Baht.

Solid Bass Series
The headphones are designed to delight music lovers to enjoy full flavor of rhythmic music from deep and powerful bass without swallowing mid and low range.  The Solid bass Series are launched in 2 models including ATH-WS990BT and ATH-WS660BT, coming equipped with 53mm drivers, supporting high quality wireless connection aptX.  The ATH-WS990BT features the over-ear headphones with Active Noise Cancellation and Hear Through function.  Easy to use with touch control. Listen to Hi-Res audio when using cable. Convenient with built-in microphone and control buttons to select tracks and adjust volume at fingertip.  The battery supports up to 30 hours of use. Available in black and black-red body for 9,900 Baht.

The ATH-WS660BT features the over-ear wireless headphones coming with two-layered ear pads for serenity and surrounding noise protection.  Feel good with wearing comfort and easy control from convenient access on headphones with no cable. The body is made from premium materials.  The light weight provides comfortable wearing and carrying anywhere and anytime. The battery supports up to 40 hours of continual use and 1,000 hours for standby mode.  Available in black-gold, black-red and grey-blue for 6,290 Baht.

Street Monitoring
  • S200BT is the on-ear headphones designed for wearing comfort to favor consumes listening to quality sound for value price and smartphone compatible.  The headphones come with 40 mm drivers providing full-range sound for a variety of music and support for full basic functions including microphone and remote control to receive call and adjust sound from the headphones. Connect wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.1.  The headphones are light weighted and provides maximum 40 hours of use. Available in black, black-red and grey-blue for 2,590 Baht.

Sport Series
  • SPORT70BT is the Bluetooth sport headphones with fabulous design to provide solution for music lovers while working out.  The headphones come with sweat and water protection certified with IPX5. The control and microphone allow you to operate music.  Listening to surrounding sound without removing the headphones from your ears for outdoor safety. The battery supports up to 6 hours of continual use.  Available in black and rose gold for 4,990 Baht
  • SPORT50BT is the colorful headphones ideal for workout.  The headphones come with 9 mm drivers and protect water with IPX5 standard.  Use up to 6 hours. The ear hooks are adjustable to fit personal ears. Available in black, blue, pink and yellow for 2,590 Baht.  

CKR Series
The ultimate wireless in-ear headphones in the Sound Reality family, featuring wireless in-ear neckband design for agility in daily use and active life without compromising Hi-Res sound quality.  Light weight and include assorted ear tips to personalize ear shape. The battery supports up to 7 hours of use. The CKR Series headphones are launched in 3 models together including CKR35BT, CKR55BT and CKR75BT
  • CKR75BT, top of the Series, provides realistic sound and high quality wireless connection aptX through 11.8 drivers and amplifiers to give extended 5-40,000Hz frequency.  The headphones are made with top-graded aluminum and light weight with no resonance. Available in black and red for 5,290 Baht
  • CKR55BT offers 10.7 mm drivers to produce clear sound.  Support high quality wireless connection aptX. Available in black and red for 3,990 Baht
  • CKR35BT features 9.8 mm dynamic drivers and built-in microphone and remote control to easily adjust volume.  Available in black, red and blue for 2,290 Baht.

Besides, Audio Technica adds 2 latest models of top-notched game headphones for customers who like to play games.  The gamers will entertain from every detail of sound and, therefore, actively react to the game. The introduction of audio headphones innovation from Audio Technica for all 5 Series to the market will enable Audio Technica to approach new and untapped customer groups contributing to expected growth. We are convinced that sales of Audio Technica will grow by 35-40% this year and continue to grow in the following years.  In the meantime, the overall market of headphones continues to expand due to behavior of new generation consumers tending to listen to music during doing their activities.” Dr. Banphot concluded.
Audio Technica organizes the Headphones Festival at Siam Discovery from 15th to 31st of May, 2018.  In the event, win exclusive privileges and special discounts conveying to every group of music lovers.  On May 15, meet seasoned musicians in the grand opening such as Kwang AB Normal, Kor P.O.P., DJ.Boom Supaporn and Chonlatit Wayupab or Na Muu BasGamer, the famous game cast.