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Ministry of Commerce joins forces with Tops organize the biggest durian and Thai fruits expo for the 3rd year “Thailand’s Amazing Durian and Fruit Fest 2018”

looking to boost consumption and create the magnet market
to make Thailand the city of tropical fruits destination of the world!
Going forward with the tourism promotional strategy and economic boost with magnet market by pushing Thailand’s fruit industry to the front roll of global market as City of Tropical Fruits, Ministry of Commerce in collaboration with Central Food Retail Company Limited operator of Central Food Hall, Tops, Tourism Authority of Thailand and Central Pattana Public Company Limited host Thailand’s original and biggest durian and fruit buffet festival THAILAND’S AMAZING DURIAN AND FRUIT FEST 2018for the 3rd year on May 18 – 23, 2018 atop over 2,400 m2 of Central Bangkok venue at Square B and C of CentralWorld Shopping Center. The festival features durians selected top quality along with seasonal fruits and 10 dessert dishes as well as the Farmer’s Market zone offering up to 300 items of various products from 50 provinces and over 100 famous stores. The official opening will be held on Friday 18 May 2018 by Mr.Sonthirat Sontijirawong, Minister of Commerce accompanied by Thailand’s front roll superstar Mai Davika and 2 famous actor and actress from the hot hit drama “Love DestinyLouis Scott  and Susie Susira Angelina Naenna to promote the durian and fruit buffet festival to international audiences.
(May 18, 2018 ) Mr.Sonthirat Sontijirawong, Minister of Commerce stated thatMinistry of Commerce has proceed in accordance to the government’s economic urging strategy to bring Thailand to the powerful nation in tropical fruit in the global market by focusing on strengthening the domestic economy and promoting consumption to further boost economic activity and tourism while creating opportunities and channels to distribute more varieties of products to the consumers followed by expansion onto the global market to bring more money into Thai economic system and creating sustainable income for farmers as well as building high standards in developing fresh and processed tropical fruit industry to be accepted by international section. For example, assign and promote premium quality product manufacturing and trade standards (Q-GAP, Thai GAP, Thailand Trust Mark), new product development, undersized product development, packaging development. In 2018, we have the net product in fruit of 4,605,281 tons, coming from durian 687,786 tons with the most popular top 5 like durian. rambutan, mangoesteen. Southern langsat, longan and pineapple. From that, Ministry of Commerce has planned for produce control and marketing to support the farmers and prevent overflowing supply and price decreases as well as controlling the price surge and keep the fruits affordable to general consumers.”
While Phattaraporn Phenpraphat, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, Central Food Retail Company Limited – operator of Central Food Hall and Tops, revealed From the success of Tops as the first supermarket to organized durian buffet in 2016 until the 3rd year today, we have received more and more great feedbacks which have made the buffet a trend. Since 2016,
the marketing activities have resulted in durian segment doubling up with nearly 200% growth in 2017 which is a success in this collaboration between the government and private sectors. As the first supermarket in Thailand to arrange a durian buffet and an expert in the quality selection of the product, Tops is determined to push THAILAND’S AMAZING DURIAN AND FRUIT FEST to reach the international audiences as Best Event Destination and in turn creating a standard and confidence in Thailand’s durian buffet at a national level. The can’t-miss magnet market of a summer attraction for durian lovers and many tourists which would help promote tourism and economy in accordance to the government directions to push Thailand to be the city of tropical fruit along with the mission to create shared value (CSV) via the project “Tops leads community to sustainability” where all several locations are assigned with personnel to support local farmers with production plans to reach demands, purchase and process products directly from farmers and community for retail at Central Food Hall and Tops for both Thai and international consumers. The fresh, best fruits of the seasons directly brought straight from gardens across the country will earn more confidence from local consumers with its seasonality and affordability as well as enabling farmers to earn sustainable and decent income. In 2018, we plan to purchase over 1,000,000  tons of 70 varieties of seasonal fruits from local farmers in 67 provinces across the country which is 30% more than the previous year. Especially with the booming durian, over 1,000 tons of sales is in the plan.
Opening new phases for 2018 with the durian and fruit buffet festival of the year in 2 cities – Bangkok and Pattaya, with the first one held on May 18 – 23, 2018 at Square B and C of Central World on top of over 2,400 m2 of the venue making it Thailand’s biggest durian buffet. The venue is organized into 2 zones as follows…
Durian & Fruit Buffet Plenty of selected top quality durian of the season counting over 150 tons. along with selections of tropical fruits such as mangosteen, rambutan, watermelon, Southern langsat, melon, salak and many summer chillers such as coconut ice-cream, mango sticky rice, mango with sweet fish sauce and aromatic coconut. All you can eat and enjoy for 60 minutes.
Special Priced Ticket at 359 THB/Person for the 1st round daily at 11:30 – 12:30 and 459 THB/Person for 2nd onward at 13:00 – 14:00 / 14:30 – 15:30 / 16:00 – 17:00 / 17:30 – 18:30 / 19:00 – 20:00 (time limit of 1 hour/round)
Ticket Purchasing Channel
  1. Wechat application (Chinese Language)
  2. On-site Ticket Counter

Special!!! Purchase ticket via 2 online channels and receive My Choice Thai Crispy Mango worth 119 THB along with vouchers worth 120 THB for discount on participating products at the event including Thai Favorite (1st floor) and Central Food Hall at CentralWorld (7th floor) or purchase ticket at front counter and receive vouchers for up to 120 THB discount.

Special!!! Present The 1 Card to claim 1 THB buffet ticket at on-site ticket counter ticket office (2,864 points for 359 THB ticket or 3,664 points for 459 THB ticket).
Farmer’s Market Zone Seasonal fruits and processed goods by farmers form 50 provinces and over 100 famous stores including the best durians from top quality cultivars in 9 provinces (Chanthaburi, Rayong, Trad, Uttaradit, Nakhon Nayok, Prachinburi, Sisaket, Yala, Prachuap Khiri Khan) with selections of organic durians and various durian varieties including Mon Thong (Golden Pillow), Kan Yao (Long Stem), Mon Thong Pa La-u, Puang Manee, Chanee, Long Lab Lae, Lin Lab Lae, Nok Krajib, Nom Sod, Nuan Thong Chan, Mon Thong Pa Kha, Kob Suwan, etc., wide range of GI products, seasonal fruits, well-known provincial products and related trendy products such as pizza with durian toppings, durian ice-cream, mangosteen ice-cream and mango sticky rice ice-cream, fried and steamed durian bun, durian macaron and durian cake, durian cheesecake and durian spread, dried fruits, processed fruit products, as well as well-known souvenirs and favors along with packing service tallying up to 300 items altogether

In addition to offline – online media, the company prepares all promotional channels to be available in 3 languages of ThaiChineseEnglish along with interpretation service at the event to welcome and accommodate international attendees with the promotional highlight being Thailand’s front roll superstar Mai Davika and 2 famous actor and actress from the hot hit drama “Bup-Pay-San-Ni-Wad” Louis Scott  and Susie Susira Angelina Naenna help promote durian and Thai fruits to the global market at Square B and C, Central World.
Thailand’s Amazing Durian & Fruit Fest 2018will be held in 2 cities as follows,
  • Square B and C, Central World Bangkok on May 18 – 23, 2018
  • Sunken Square, Central Festival Pattaya Beach on June 8 – 15, 2018

Follow up on news and happenings at www.facebook.com/TopsThailand

Remark :
Thailand's Original and Largest All-you-can-eat Durian and Fruit Buffet
In addition to the King of Fruits, indulge in the very best local fruits and summertime favourites from 70 booths featuring 60 must-tries from 9 provinces!
18-23 May 2018 at Square B-C, CentralWorld
Tickets are available for purchase from 1 May 2018 onwards at:
-On-site ticket counter

Normal price 459.- person/round
Special! 359.- person/round
When you purchase ticket for the 11:30 am - 12:30 pm buffet round.

*Conditions apply.
The buffet is offered 6 rounds per day (60 minutes per round).

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