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TAT Launches the Take a Break Campaign to Invite Workaholics to Take a Break from Work and Travel As Stress Therapy to Spark Creativity for Workers

Bangkok, 3 April 2018. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Thai Airways, Royal Orchid Plus, Thai Smile, Nok Air, Budget, TraveliGo.com, Love Andaman and TrueYou have joined together to launch the Take a Break campaign for workaholics to get a reprieve from work and promote travel.
Noppadon Pakprot, Deputy Governor for Domestic Marketing, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) “Most people think think that working really, really hard is the best guarantee for success, but recently much research shows that working too hard will damage your health, your creativity, and eventfully affect your productivity. So working too hard does not guarantee your success at all. A work-life balance is much better overall.
“TAT Launches the Take a Break Campaign to inspire working people in Thailand to take a break from their work and travel around Thailand to discover exciting new cities and cultures; to step outside their comfort zone and get a fresh perspective; to meet new people and make friends for life.  Take a break and return refreshed and re-focused on what is important in life.”
“TAT has organized an online survey for workaholics to vote and choose the city where they would most want to take a break. According to the survey findings, the top 20 cities receiving the most votes were as follows: 1.Chiang Rai 2. Mae Hong Son 3.Nan 4.Ranong 5.Chumphon 6.Trang 7.Phetchabun 8.Satun 9.Trat 10.Chanthaburi 11.Ratchaburi 12.Nakhon Si Thammarat 13.Ubon Ratchathani 14.Udon Thani 15.Nakhon Nayok 16.Prachin Buri 17.Samut Songkhram 18.Uthai Thani 19.Sukhothai 20.Phitsanulok

TAT joined with allies such as Thai Airways, Thai Smile, TrueYou, Budget Car, Traveligo.com and Love Andaman to organize the Take a Break Pills program to give the following special discount deals to workaholics to get away from work and take trips to 20 cities where they can Take a Break:
1. Plane tickets at special prices from Thai Airways, Thai Smile and Nok Air.
2. The best hotel price deals for over 200 hotels from Traveligo.com, which organized the best hotel price deals for over 200 hotels in 20 cities for Take a Break winners to change their surroundings and recharge their brains.
3. The best rental car deals from Budget lets workaholics drive cars and take trips to broaden their perspectives in 20 cities for Take a Break. Anyone who is tired of working should try a road trip once a month. It’s guaranteed to keep you from feeling lonely or bored.
4. Love Andaman provides special island tour packages to take stressed-out workaholics from Bangkok to Koh Chang Phuak, Ranong, the city of pristine coral reefs. And in April – May, Love Andaman invites workaholics to take a break from work and enjoy a getaway to Koh Chang Phuak where they can post selfies of themselves “Jumping on the beach” to enter a contest for a prize of 50,000 baht with Love Andaman.
5. TrueYou offers a special discount for workaholics to check in, sit and sip coffee as they admire breath-taking views from the 45 most hip coffee shops in the 20 most popular cities voted by workaholics. You will know without them telling you how happy urban workaholics like us will be to get out of the city and change their atmosphere by sipping coffee and looking at gorgeous views.
This stress therapy and loss of creative spark is offered to every stressed-out workaholic. Reserve deals now at www.TakeabreakThailand.com from today until September of this year.
Deputy Governor Noppadon added, “TAT and our allies have also organized special activities to accept applications from 20 teams of stressed out workaholics from 20 occupations to join in the “You need to take a break” activity. The 20 teams of workaholics chosen to participate in activities are as follows:1.Doctor 2.Nurse 3.Teacher 4.Policeman 5.Soldier 6.Airhostess 7.Accountant/Financial Planner 8.PR 9.Event organizer 10.AE AD Agency 11.Media /News Reporter 12.Lawyer 13.IT 14.Hotel Receptionist 15.Graphic Designer 16.Creative 17.Video Editor 18.Producer 19.Architect 20.Engineer

All 20 teams will get to take a break from their usual professional roles and accept new roles as reviewers and tourists to survey eateries, tourist sites, coffee cafes and cool places to check-in in the 20 most hip cities. TAT offers a reward of over three hundred thousand baht for workaholics of any profession who are great at reviews, photography and making video clips.
Deputy Governor Noppadon concluded “We believe this campaign will help initiate ideas for workaholic  to explore 20 cities for Take a break  and is also hoping to generate up to Bt200 billion in revenue”
For more information about the project, visit www.TakeabreakThailand.com