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AVA Academy privilege course#5 held by AVA Advisor to advise investors to invest more effectively

All AVA tutors: Janejira Tangwongsamart, Charnchai Phanichop, Tanunvich Limdumrongchit, Warasorn Worradaluk, Warissara Sarakhwan (from left to right) were photographed in seminar, AVA Academy privilege course#5. The purpose of this seminar is to advise all investors to invest more effectively. The attendees were provided knowledge concerning investing in stock and how to use AVA Advisor, a Robo-Advisor which can scan for stocks under the conditions that we set and can also alert once some changes occur.
AVA Tutors are experienced investors and the real Ava  Advisor users; therefore, there is no doubt they are suitable to conduct this course.
The attendees will get a privilege to buy AVA Advisor (1-year package) for only 8,500 THB from 12,500 THB
About Us:
AVA Advisor (http://AVA.fund)
AVA Advisory is from Market Anyware Company Limited founded by Niran Pravithana in 2013. Ava Advisory is a software company developing application for investors in Thailand for keeping up with the stock market. This application helping investors to invest more conveniently without staring at the screen all the time was famously known as Market Anyware.

In 2016, Niran Pravithana (CEO) collaborated with Rawitat Pulam (CTO) and Chaiwut Kovitchindachai (Board member) conducted a research to develop Artificial Intelligence, AI; Market Anyware was rebranded to AVA Advisor which is a Robo- Advisor developed to help investors invest more conveniently and more effectively. AI is categorized into 2 types:
1. Expert System: This AI has knowledge from experienced and famous investors from all around the world
2. Machine Learning System: This AI has learned all the data from the past and create new pattern on how to invest by itself whether it's VI or technique by using new indicator which has never been defined before. This process is called “Knowledge Discovery”

Moreover, AVA has deep learning skill which is able to discover new knowledge at all times
Currently, AVA Advisory provides 2 services: 
1. AVA Advisor is to help investors whether they are VI, technique, or day trade. This service is suitable for active investors who want to invest by themselves but still need tool to help them analyze. It was introduced to the market in April 2016

2. AVA Fund is suitable for investors who are not convenient to invest themselves. Investors need to deposit their money first and then AVA AI will select stocks that are likely to get high return.