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Grand Debut of “GMO-Z com Securities” The Leap towards Online Stock Trading Leadership

     “GMO-Z com Securities” officially made its grand debut - the leap towards becoming a 100 percent online securities brokerage company, acclaiming its margin trading for small-medium investors with a list of up to 500 stocks and robust capital of over THB1 billion.
Mr. Megumu Motohisa, Chief Executive Officer of GMO-Z com Securities (Thailand) Limited revealed that the Company had officially made its grand debut as a 100 percent online securities brokerage company in Thailand with registered capital of THB1 billion. Founded on 28 November 2016 under a 100 percent shareholding of GMO Financial Holdings (Japan), the Company has currently received the securities business license granted by the Ministry of Finance in a complete manner. The Company has applied state-of-the-art online securities trading technology and a back office system, called I-STAR GV, from Japan to support the securities brokerage business, which has made the Company the first securities company in Thailand that has this system in place. In addition, the Company will not provide any investment consultants to solicit clients to trade any securities and will charge unsophisticated commission fees at only THB100 per THB100,000 trade and a stair-step rate increase of THB100 for every THB1000,000 trade shall apply.   
In the initial stage, the Company will offer online securities trading services for 2 categories of trading accounts – cash balance accounts and credit balance accounts. The service’s prominent point is that there is no credit loan limit for credit balance accounts and that the most inclusive list of up to 500 authorized small, medium and large-sized stocks listed in both SET and mai and the IPO is also provided for credit balance accounts, which will be updated by the Company’s system on a daily basis. More importantly, the Company also provides a management discussion and analysis (MD&A), which covers the stocks of small to medium-sized companies listed in SET (inclusive of those listed in mai), of at least 1 stock per week and issues investment strategies as developed by a team of knowledgeable and experienced analysts for all investors to keep pace with the daily market.
The Company’s targets include a client base of 10,000-15,000 accounts by 2018, a loan offering of 600 credit balance accounts, and daily trading value of THB1,000 million or a 0.8 percent market share. The Company also aims to take the leap towards becoming the 100 percent online securities brokerage leader in Thailand with strong capital base from Japan that promptly provides financial support as well as technology support for product development and maximum service efficiency that meets its clients’ needs.
The Company will be able to officially carry out stock trading on 20 November 2017. Clients can open an account online via its website from 13 November 2017 or submit their applications in person from now on, in order to be ready to trade from the 20 November.

About GMO-Z com Securities (Thailand) Limited
Established:            28th November 2016
Chairman:            Vichate Tantiwanich
Chief Executive Officer:    Megumu Motohisa
Equity Participation:         GMO Financial Holdings, Inc 100%
Capital Stock:            1,000 Million THB
Number of Employees:        70 full time staff, including 44 single licensed staff
Address:    15th Floor, South Wing, G Tower, Grand Rama 9, No. 9, Rama 9 Road, Huaykwang, Huaykwang Bangkok, Thailand
Web Page:             https://th.trade.z.com/
Facebook:            https://www.facebook.com/trade.z.com.th/
Broker Symbol:         Z
Broker Number:        10
Business Hours:        Monday – Friday 8:30 - 20:30                                    Saturday, Sunday 10:00 - 18:30
Customer Service:        02-088-8111
30 Oct.:            Start accepting account opening by walk-in to the office
13 Nov.:            Start accepting account opening via online                            Start accepting money/stock transfer
20 Nov.:             Start accepting orders

Appendix 1
Commission Schedule
Trading Value(THB)
Total Fees(THB)
0.01 - 100,000
    100,001 - 200,000
200,001 - 300,000...
THB 100 at every trading value of THB 100,000

Appendix 2
List of Marginable Stock
List of Marginable Stock