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Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index reveals 67% of Thai users were unconcerned of becoming cybercriminal targets

Kaspersky Lab has updated its Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index, a set of indicators that allow the evaluation of the level of risk for Internet users worldwide. The Index for the second half of 2016 demonstrates a positive trend: the number of people who are concerned about their security, and are ready to protect themselves against cyberthreats, is constantly growing.

The Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index is based on a twice-yearly online survey of thousands of Internet users around the world. The sample in each wave of research represents the online population according to age and gender in every country of the study. In the second half of 2016, 17,377 respondents from 28 countries around the world were surveyed, including Thailand.

Sylvia Ng, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab SEA, commented that, “the Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index for the second half of 2016 shows positive dynamics which, we hope, will continue. At Kaspersky Lab we are doing everything we can to create awareness about the dangers of cyberthreats and the ways to combat or prevent them. We believe that empowering readers and users with the right knowledge about the threats as well as tips and tools for prevention is crucial to make the cyberworld safe for everybody. The Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index is just one of our steps towards achieving this goal”.
Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index includes three main indicators that provide a multi-dimensional picture of the level of danger users are currently exposed to online:

  • Unconcerned – the share of users who do not believe they can become targets for cybercrime
  • Unprotected – the number of users who have not installed a security solution on their computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Affected – the percentage of users who have fallen victim to cybercrime.

According to 511 surveyed respondents, the Thailand Index for the second half of the year (Unconcerned–Unprotected–Affected) was 67-31-46. That is, 67% of users did not believe that they could become cybercriminal targets, 31% of respondents did not use protection solutions on all their connected devices, and 46% of those surveyed have been affected by cyberthreats in the last few months. When compared with the Global Index, which was 74-39-29, it means that Thai users were more concerned, more protected, but resulting in higher rate of becoming cybercrime victims.

However, Thailand users were ranked second in ‘less affected victims’ among SEA countries (46%). Malaysia was the top less victims (42%), Philippines was third (52%), followed by Indonesia and Vietnam (58% and 59%).

Users can also now view the statistics on the specific financial losses that have occurred as a result of cybercriminal activity, as well as compare the data for different groups of users (for example, the use of smartphones between young people in Thailand and senior citizens in Malaysia).
Pairat Termsakmitchai, Pre Sales Specialist, Kaspersky Lab Thailand, stated that “we created the Index to draw the attention of users, the media and vendors to the issue of cybersecurity. In nowadays’ digital lifestyle, many users do not expect to come face-to-face with cyberthreats, so they fail to install security solutions on their devices and behave carelessly online. This makes them easy targets for cybercriminals. The Index reflects the results of this approach: 46 percent of Thai users have been affected by online threats. We are calling on all internet users to improve their cyber savviness and adopt a responsible approach, both for their own protection and to that of their loved ones. Security must be shared.”

Additional statistics, which help us to evaluate the online environment for Internet users, are presented in a variety of graphs, including: ‘Online Activity’ - types of activities people perform when they are online, and ‘Cyberthreats Faced’ - threats that users encountered online.

To find out about the Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index and the behavior of users online for different countries, ages and genders, please visit http://index.kaspersky.com.

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