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KLM takes next strategic social media step with flight info on Twitter and WeChat

As of today, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers her customers around the world booking confirmation, check-in notification, boarding pass and flight status updates in 10 languages on Twitter and WeChat. This makes information easy to find in a single place, so it is available at the airport, en route or at home. Customers can also contact KLM’s social media service agents 24/7 directly via Twitter and WeChat.
The new service will be available to all KLM customers who book tickets or check in via KLM.com and opt-in to receive information via Twitter or WeChat. The roll out starts today and the service will be more widely available in the coming weeks. In 2016, KLM was the first airline worldwide to offer flight documents and information via Facebook Messenger. Now, it is first again on Twitter and first airline outside China offering flight info on WeChat.
After Messenger, offering KLM flight info on Twitter and WeChat is a perfect addition to KLM’s social media strategy. We believe that we should be where our customers are. KLM now takes her social media service to the next level, offering customers the choice of their own favourite channel. And by doing so, we continue to be an aviation pioneer.
Pieter Elbers, KLM President & CEO „

KLM on Twitter and WeChat
KLM has over 2.2 million fans on Twitter and receives more than 25,000 mentions on a weekly basis. In September 2014, KLM started her WeChat account, offering passengers 24/7 service, brand content and commercial offers. WeChat is the no. 1 social media platform in Mainland China with 938 million monthly active users. KLM has over 120,000 fans and receives over 6000 questions a week, which shows that Chinese customers appreciate this platform to communicate with KLM.
KLM on Facebook Messenger
Last year, KLM introduced the KLM flight info service via Messenger, which proved to be a success. More than 1.4 million customers received their KLM flight documents and updates via Messenger, 10% of all online KLM bookings are confirmed via this channel and 15% of all online KLM boarding passes are sent via Messenger.
About KLM and Social Media
Since 2009 KLM gained a reputation as an initiator and pioneer in the area of social media services and campaigns in the social landscape. In April 2017, KLM had over 25 million fans and followers on various social media platforms. Through these channels, KLM receives over 100,000 mentions every week, 15,000 of which are questions or remarks. These are personally replied to by our 250 service agents, forming the world’s largest dedicated social media team. On Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat and KakaoTalk KLM offers her customers a 24/7 one-stop-shop in 9 different languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. During office hours KLM also services in Italian.