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Bangkok, 9 May 2017: Zuellig Pharma, the region’s leading healthcare services provider, has today announced it has invested in Health Benefit Consultants Company (HBC) through its Malaysian subsidiary – MiCare Sdn Bhd.
HBC is a leading third party administrator in Thailand providing medical claims administration and related consulting and advisory services to corporates and insurance companies. It was established in 1993 and serves the needs of 17 Thai and three foreign companies.
Zuellig Pharma Vice President Integrated Solutions Moses Hee said this partnership will focus on growing HBC in Thailand and expanding the services and health benefits it offers to Thai people.
“We want to work closely with HBC to grow its existing business and help it better serve the needs of local Thai people, companies and insurers. The business is currently responsible for managing the health insurance of 2.5 million Thai people and we believe that there is a lot of potential for growth.”
HBC Managing Director Permsak Natenuj said the partnership will allow HBC to leverage Zuellig Pharma’s regional networks and MiCare’s technology and expertise.
“Zuellig Pharma’s strong regional networks and focus on developing innovative new solutions will help us to expand HBC’s business and the services that we offer. This partnership will enable the development of technology and solutions that will deliver greater health benefits to the Thai people that we support.”
Zuellig Pharma’s subsidiary, MiCare, is the leading partner for Payors in Malaysia, offering health and wellness as well as third party administration services to corporates and insurance companies. Zuellig Pharma will leverage MiCare’s technology and expertise to bring new services to Thailand, in partnership with HBC.
“MiCare offers corporates and insurance companies a range of services to improve the health of the people that they insure. This is not only good for the individual, it helps to reduce corporate healthcare and insurance costs,” said Mr Hee. 
The solutions being piloted in Malaysia include mobile applications and health and wellness programmes.
“These programmes are delivering strong results. A recent pilot that we ran with a local Malaysian corporate reduced the number of preventable new cases of chronic disease among its employees by 20% and improved the health of more than 45% of the people that took part. 

     “This resulted in a 14% reduction in the company’s absentee rate and a 15% reduction in its employee medical expenses. We look forward to introducing similar programmes to the Thai market through our partnership with HBC,” said Mr Hee.

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About Zuellig Pharma
Zuellig Pharma has been successfully serving the Asian healthcare market since 1922. Today we are the region’s leading health care services provider.  We are present in 13 countries and offer a range of innovative solutions for clients, customers, practitioners and patients. These include distribution; clinical trial support; registration, sales and marketing services; health, wellness and adherence programs; third party administration services and a range of retail pharmacy services. Zuellig Pharma employs 10,000 people and serves 300,000 doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and clinics across the region, helping to make healthcare more accessible across Asia.
About HBC
HBC is a third party administrator and consultant of medical insurance programs for insurance companies in Thailand and Laos. We offer third party administration services for 2.5 million insured members from 20 underwriters and have assessed more than 2 million cases since the company was established in 1993. Today, HBC assesses more than 25,000 claims every month and offers a range of services including developing and negotiating hospital contracts, pre-certification procedures, protocols and management, automatic claim processing, data capture and customer-focused administration. These services allow our clients to provide their customers with high quality products, excellent customer service, and long term cost control.

About HBC

Health Benefit Consultants Co., Ltd is a Third Party Administration (TPA).  We are a company that processes health insurance claims for insurance companies.  

Our mission is “to design & administer healthcare solutions that exceed the expectations of our Clients in terms of benefits, cost and service and where appropriate reinsure those products intelligently.”

The “customer comes first” philosophy is held by all of our people. Our “customer” includes the companies for whom we develop, administer and insure products to meet revenue goals, the people who actually purchase the products administered by our company and of course, the network of Healthcare Providers that play such an important role in our Healthcare products and programs.

HBC is a third party administrator and consultant of medical insurance programs for insurance companies in Thailand. HBC has acquired a unique range of skills in the Thai health delivery environment including:
  • the development of innovative medical products
  • the development of hospital contracts (both capitated and fee for service)
  • conducting negotiations with hospitals
  • the establishment of hospital reporting according to illness codes
  • pre-certification procedures, protocols and management
  • enhanced data capture
  • hospital monitoring
  • case management, concurrent review and quality Insurance techniques
  • customer focused administration
  • automatic claim processing through HBC Link (Web service)

Health Benefit Consultants Co., Ltd (HBC) will discuss the Client’s needs and desires and then prepare a product for approval, develop the complete administrative process and reinsure the company.

HBC can accommodate almost any request from Clients.  We believe long term success can only come from true partnerships with our Clients. Along these lines, HBC’s relationship with Clients includes regular meetings to assess product performance, to ensure Client’s needs and expectations are being met if not surpassed and to provide regular feedback to Clients as to the performance of their product.

HBC’s Third Party Administration Services allow insurance companies to provide their own clients with high quality products, excellent customer service, and long term cost control. If desired, HBC’s administration of a Client’s products can be totally transparent.

HBC is providing Third Party Administration Services for 2.5 million insured members from 20 underwriters. We have performed claim assessment totally 2 million cases since the company was found in 1993. Recently, we are assessing 25,000 claims a month.

Importantly we also have developed a preferred provider network (on a fee for service basis) covering 303 hospitals right across Thailand and Lao PDR.