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TOT and dtac to launch 4G LTE-TDD networks on 2300 MHz spectrum for first time in Thailand

May 26, 2017 – TOT and dtac plan to launch the country’s first wireless broadband 4G LTE-TDD service in a drive to improve Thailand’s digital infrastructure. TOT officially selected dtac as its preferred counterpart to operate 2300 MHz spectrum on Wednesday. dtac believes that final agreements would be completed within Q4 2017, benefiting the country, state enterprise and consumers.
Mr. Montchai Noosong, president at TOT Public Company Limited said TOT's Board of Directors chose dtac TriNet--the subsidiary of dtac--as its preferred counterpart, because of dtac TriNet's proposal to install and invest approximately 20,000 telecom towers and an annual fixed payment of 4.51 billion baht for 60% of its total network capacity. TOT will rent equipment from dtac TriNet.
“We would like to thank the government through the Ministry for Digital Economy and Society for this achievement, which will create value for Thailand through a wide and smooth 4G network and resource utilization. Importantly, this development comes at a critical juncture in supporting the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy, generating economic growth through private sector investment with further positive effects of employability and increased population coverage,” said Mr.Montchai.
He added this collaboration between TOT and dtac will bring enormous benefit to the country and strengthen sustainable growth for both parties. Wireless broadband on 2300 MHz will expand opportunities for all Thais to have better access to internet and meet massively growing demand of data consumption from public and private sectors as well as Thai citizens. The increased bandwidth supports up to 300 Mbps data transmission, which TOT plans to leverage in remote areas under the government’s policy.
4G LTE-TDD 2300 MHz networks will maximize the use of frequency resources with the advantage of Time Division Duplex (TDD) technology. Technically, TDD uses a single frequency band to transmit and receive data, allowing more optimized utilization of the spectrum depending on data consumption. According to GSMA Intelligence study: deployment of LTE- TDD networks among operators globally are increasing significantly with a projection of TDD share of global LTE connections at 22% by 2020.
Mr Lars Norling, chief executive officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said: “This major collaboration with TOT to operate the widest bandwidth of 60 MHz in 2300 MHz spectrum will improve our customers' experience through greater speeds and even smoother services. The liberalization of unused spectrum is a major development in Thailand’s telecoms infrastructure and in line with the country’s strategic plan for digital infrastructure development to benefit all Thai people. The infrastructure will catalyze the use of digital technology, generating new economic value to bolster the country’s fundamental economy and increase its competitiveness in line with global standards.” 

TOT and dtac now enter into contracting process which is expected to conclude within Q4 this year.
When contracts are completed, the TOT-dtac deal is expected to provide at least 80% of Thais residing in remote areas with access to broadband internet coverage in line with Thailand's Digital Economy and Society Plan as well as Nationwide Efficient Digital Infrastructure Development Strategy.