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“The Pace of Nature – Move Forward with Nature” in Architect 2017 The Conceptual Design Booth from INSEE - Siam City Cement Group

Siam City Cement Group joins Architect Expo 2017, presenting premium materials in a booth design entitled "The Pace of Nature – Move Forward with Nature" to highlight the benefits of a fully functional living space toward a fulfilling urban lifestyle with quality products that are easy to use.
Mr. Montri Nithikul, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Siam City Cement Public Company Limited (SCCC), presented the concept of the "INSEE" booth in Architect 2017 as designed to be used as a fully functional space without limits, complementing the urban lifestyle with integrated living and working areas through simple lines and geometric shapes. The combination of triangle shapes to create a distinctive design with warm colors divides the living area of each zone while maintaining the impression of being close to nature through using the "House & Home" themed line of materials from Siam City Cement Group.

"The Siam City Cement Group’s idea concept and design originates in the lifestyle of the new generation who prefer accommodations in a condominium or small sized area in the city that needs full functional use of a limited space. The concept also emphasizes "The Pace of Nature" by designing products that very strongly resemble materials that come from nature.  They are easy to use and match the urban lifestyle.  

“The product development direction of Siam City Cement group continues to focus on high quality and environmentally friendly products that will meet the needs of today's consumers who are conscious of the product whose manufacturing process does not harm the environment. This year, Siam City Cement group has featured several products such as INSEE TileFix 41,42,43 (the excellent adhesive tiles) and INSEE Mortar 32 (floor leveling). Innovative products that are highlighted include Lime Grain Grease High compressive strength (INSEE Mortar 72) with a high compressive strength of more than 700 KSC, which is suitable for construction of a machinery base, bridges and precast work.”
Mr. Kitti Boonprakong, Chief Executive Officer of CONWOOD,  the manufacturer and distributors of CONWOOD products, high quality fiber cement from Siam City Cement Group, said that this year, CONWOOD has repositioned and expanded its fiber-based decorative fiber cement market by focusing on selling products with high quality solution systems that are innovative and eco-friendly. Conwood products are premium products in the fiber cement market, having the realistic look and features that can replace the use of natural wood, offering a wide range of products to suit the imagination of architects and homeowners. This year, CONWOOD has introduced more new products, including CONWOOD LAP SIDING C-LOCK, which uses and attractive and time-saving installation system that allows designers to create without limits.
CONWOOD also offers the CONWOOD i-Service, a consulting and installation service performed by a team of CONWOOD professionals. The team will travel to the customer site with a quality-guaranteed service to provide customers with optimum convenience. More information about the CONWOOD i-Service is available by telephoning 1732 ext. 4.
Siam City Cement Group consists of many subsidiaries offering of a large number of premium quality products, such as the Siam City Cement Public Company Limited (SCCC), one of the leading cement producer in the country; CONWOOD Co., Ltd., a market leader in fiber cement; Siam City Concrete Company Limited, manufacturer and distributor of ready-mixed concrete; INSEE Superblock Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality lightweight brick and other services including INSEE Ecocycle Co., Ltd., an environmentally-friendly waste management solutions; Siam City Power Co., Ltd., a power generation from cement production process; INSEE Digital Co., Ltd., an information technology and digitalization business services. For more info, please visit www.siamcitycement.com

The public is invited to visit Siam City Cement Group’s booth at Architect ’17, Booth No. F102, on 2–7 May 2016 at Challenger Hall 1-3, IMPACT Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani.