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dtac accelerate announced 12 startup finalists to batch 5 program

     April 27, 2017 – dtac accelerate batch 5 announced on Pitch Day the top 12 startups to enter the final stage of the program. The 12 finalists include Cookly, Creden, Drivemate, Globish, Indie Dish, Ricult, ScoutOut, Seekster, Senseino, Shiftspace, Tixget, and Tourkrub. Each of the finalists has the quality, product, and passionate team members who want to bring innovation and technology to disrupt the business world, especially in Agriculture Tech, Education Tech, HR Tech, Food Tech, Travel Tech, and Fin Tech. All the finalists will receive seed funding, ranging from 500,000 Baht to 1.5 million Baht per team, and commercialization support from dtac, worth over 100 million Baht. The intensive boot camp runs from May to August, 2017. The final pitch and the winner announcement will be held on Demo Day in August. 
     Mr. Andrew Kvalseth, Chief Digital Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “dtac is determined to groom startups who are becoming part of the dtac accelerate family. We provide knowledge, resources, and commercialization support to help them grow in local and international markets. They also get access to investment sources through a network of world-class VCs. The boot camp, to be held at Hangar Coworking Space, includes training from world-class startup gurus and one-on-one mentoring by renowned startup entrepreneurs and startup padawans. We are as committed and dedicated to the dtac accelerate program as ever.”
Mr. Sompoat Chansomboon, Director of Business Innovation and dtac accelerate, said, “I would like to congratulate and welcome the 12 startup finalists to our dtac accelerate family. They are selected out of over 500 applicants, an extremely low 2.5% acceptance rate equivalent to that of the world’s top universities. The standard of Thai startups has constantly risen over the past year. We are impressed by the quality of startup pitches, in terms of products that meet market demands, solid business models, growth potential, and market expansion opportunities. More importantly, all the finalists have a team that possess strong business expertise and have developed technology-oriented idea based on their problems or pain points. For examples, Tourkrub has generated over 100 million Baht revenue on its online tour selling platform within the first few months. Seekster, with strong background in hotel management, has created a mobile application and website that allows corporate and individual customers to seek services like home cleaning and AC cleaning at one fingertip. Globish and Senseino are educational tech startups who offer English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean language courses. We can obviously see the quality and talent of this year’s crop.
 The 12 finalists will attend the intensive world-class boot camp and receive coaching from world class mentors, such as Ash Maurya, the world’s expert in Lean Startup Canvas Model and Nir Eyal, the creator of Hooked Model that is behind the success of the world’s top startups, including Facebook and Instagram. They will also receive training on Google Sprint from Google Developers experts and on various tools by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, and AWS. dtac and Telenor Group will provide commercialization support worth over 100 million Baht. dtac accelerate has also teamed up with Mr. Ho Ren Hua, CEO of Thai Wah Group, and Mr. Sara Lamsam, CEO of Muang Thai Life Insurance, Thailand’s number one and a leading insurance company in the region, to provide funding and co-marketing support. All 12 finalists are determined to disrupt the mobile Internet ecosystem through the use of innovation and technology, such as a new breed of applications that stimulate excitement and enhance customer lifestyles as well as improve the standard of living for the Thai people.”