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Family Kitchen with Sherson S3 Successful Asian Food Channel (AFC) Original Production Family Kitchen with Sherson Continues to Tantalise Tastebuds in Asia

Family Kitchen with Sherson Season 3 returns on-air

every Thursday starting from 25th May 2017 at 8pm (TH/INDO) and 9pm (SG/MY)
THAILAND, XX 2017 – Asian Food Channel (AFC) reinforces its success in original productions with the third season of Family Kitchen with Sherson. The popular eight-episode series which features authentic home-cooked goodness helmed by the two-generation family is set to return every Thursday starting  25th May at 8pm. Family Kitchen with Sherson S3 is presented by Panasonic and co-sponsored by Grohe.
The returning season sees Malaysian Celebrity Chef, Sherson Lian, and his mother, Ann Lian, return to the kitchen and dish out harmonic blends of new and classic cooking techniques. The key ingredients to the show’s success comprise of heartwarming stories, mouth-watering dishes, simmered with a dash of family fun. Viewers can find more information as well as download recipes from each episode upon premiere of the show at www.asianfoodchannel.com/lovetocook  
Family Kitchen with Sherson Season 3
Since the premiere of the series in 2015, the mother and son duo are best known for their impeccable chemistry in the kitchen and on screen. Aside from the family favorite recipes dished out in every episode, the stories shared make the perfect garnish for any home-cooked meal. Family Kitchen with Sherson is a marriage of traditional cooking by Ann injected with modern flavors by Sherson.
“Cooking is about inspiration, taste and flavors. My mother was the one who encouraged me to pursue a career in food and her passion continues to inspire me. Although our cooking styles vary and we might not always agree on who’s dish is the best, working side by side has been an amazing experience and brought us closer together as a family. We hope through the series we inspire and encourage families to bond through their love for food. Those who cook together, stay together!”, said Sherson Lian.
Here’s what viewers can look forward to being served in May.
Seafood Galore
Sherson Lian’s Spiced Grilled Squid with Tauchi Dip

It’s seafood galore on this episode of Family Kitchen with Sherson. A special creation of Thai Style Bouillabaisse, where Sherson uses a traditional French fish stew base consisting of the freshest varieties of seafood and fresh Thai herbs and spices. Nothing tastes better than fresh squid grilled to perfection; pick up tips on how to create Sherson’s Spiced Grilled Squid with Tauchiu Dip, which incorporates his homemade curry powder. A seafood galore is not complete without prawns; Ann cooks Stir Fried Prawns with Tau Si and Chili – kicking up the meal in a pinch!

Kampong Classics
Ann Lian’s Thai Spicy Sour Shrimp Curry

Take a trip down memory lane with classic dishes that are sometimes forgotten. Similar to a Thai Kaeng Som and reminiscent of Assam Fish Curry, Sherson cooks up a Thai Spicy Sour Shrimp Curry that will win over the pickiest of eaters. Ann takes you back with Superior Chinese Chicken, a classic chicken dish steamed with sweet wolfberries, dates and chicken essence. Chinese desserts usually revolve around sweet soups and can be served hot or cold – this Sweet Black Sesame Soup is simple and easy to cook for any time of the day.
About Asian Food Channel
Asian Food Channel (AFC) is the region’s leading food-focused channel that celebrates the unique Asian culinary experience with the added touch of global flavour. AFC entertains viewers with a range of local and international content from reality, lifestyle to travelogue program formats. It believes in celebrating the rich history and story behind Asia’s most beloved cuisines and continues to grow its library of originally produced Asian content, breaking boundaries with new and exciting programs. Available in more than 10 countries in Asia Pacific, the channel’s online engagement via website and social media platforms surpass two million likes on Facebook and continues to increase daily. Asian Food Channel is part of Scripps Networks Interactive, one of the world’s leading producers of lifestyle content. More information is available on www.asianfoodchannel.com or Facebook page www.facebook.com/asianfoodchannel

Premieres: 25 May 2017, Thursdays at 9.00pm (SG/MY), 8.00pm (JKT/BKK)
Get cozy with Sherson Lian and his mom, Ann, as they share favorite family moments together and dish up delicious blends of old and new cuisine. While Ann shares some of her favorite traditional recipes, Sherson puts a modern twist on them, incorporating unique contemporary flavors. Pull up a chair and join the dynamic mother son duo in this intimate family affair!