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Philips Lighting takes on light beyond illumination, extends lighting leadership into the Internet of Things (IoT), unlocking new experiences and value for customers

     Bangkok, Thailand - Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT)  takes its visionary position as the leader of lighting innovation to the next level with the concept “Light beyond illumination” with connected lighting innovations that connect lighting systems with digital platform, unlocking life potentials with multi-dimensional control of lighting systems and enhance business capabilities.

On 24 – 25 March 2017, “Philips Light beyond illumination” is held at Siam Pic-ganesh theatre, Siam square one, to showcase Philips’ smart innovations to over 1,000 people in the audience, which includes Philips retailers in both customer and project markets, lighting designers, electrical engineers, and related representatives from government and private sectors. 
Chalermpong Darongsuwan, Managing Director, Philips Electronics (Thailand) Ltd. said, “As lighting expert, we have been continually studying the problems, trends, and the future of various industries in a mission to find new ways to support and push forwards more possibilities for the changing usage in the future. As we are moving towards the 4.0 era with “Internet of Things (IoT)” technology, we see the potential in bringing the technology and our innovations and business together, making devices being able to connect and communicate via internet, where people can take control over various systems from their fingertips. We are also seeing a lot of possibilities in how entrepreneurs are taking more interest in taking lighting technology to enhance their business capabilities”

Philips’ connected lighting systems help users go beyond illumination with more control and management capabilities, from the lighting system that allows office workers to customize lighting in their own work stations, indoor lighting system that could navigate indoor positions with high accuracy, to smart road lighting system that could be controlled via mobile phone. In line with showing consumers the potential of LED lighting systems, Philips is pioneering the market for connected lighting innovations that will add new value to businesses and industries.
The connected lighting systems being showcased in the event are as follows;
  • Philips Luminous Textile: Taking interior décor to the next level with lighting and the beautiful textile finish from Kvadrat, the leading textile manufacturer.
  • Philips Luminous Carpets™: Combine Philips LED technology with Desso carpet, the leading industrial carpet manufacturer, with the ability to run pre-programmed light displays.
  • Philips Guest by Design: Combine lighting system with other systems in guest room and connect to the central management system for the better room management.
  • Philips Connected PoE (Power over Ethernet): Lighting system for offices that runs and connects through LAN, allowing control from individual space via smart devices and offering insights for better usage analysis.
  • Philips Indoor Positioning: LED-based, highly accurate indoor navigation system.
  • Philips StoreWise: Smart lighting system for retail shops and department stores that could be customized on smart devices
  • Philips GreenManufacturing: Easy installation with “Daylight Harvesting” and “Occupancy Control” functions for the full energy efficiency.
  • Philips HealWell: Lighting system for hospitals that helps regulating patients’ biological clock for the better sleep cycle and faster recovery.
  • Philips CityTouch: Smart road lighting management that connects each LED luminaire to mobile network, allowing pre-programmed schedule via application and notification alert in case of failure.
  • Philips ArenaExperience: Simple, smart, and easy-to-use lighting solution that allows venue operators to quickly and effortlessly create ambiance with instant on/off, dimming and full controllability.
  • Philips ActiveSite: Save cost and time with cloud-based control and lighting effect system with real-time status.

Along with the connected lighting systems, Philips also launches the new LED products, from Philips LED Bulb Dimmable, Philips LED SceneSwitch where you can change the mood of the room with just your on/off switch, to the Origami Style switch and socket series, to answer every need of consumers.
“As the leader of lighting business, Philips wants to be a part in adding value and developing various business sectors with innovations that align with long-term investment goals, from tourism, hospitality, to government agencies, as we aim to build partnerships for the infrastructure foundation for sustainable growth,” said Chalermpong in closing.

About Philips Lighting
 Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting products, systems and services, delivers innovations that unlock business value, providing rich user experiences that help improve lives. Serving professional and consumer markets, we lead the industry in leveraging the Internet of Things to transform homes, buildings and urban spaces. With 2016 sales of EUR 7.1 billion, we have approximately 34,000 employees in over 70 countries. News from Philips Lighting is located at http://www.newsroom.lighting.philips.com